SBOP Forms

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ DOA-3005 - Online MBE Monthly Procurement Activity Report (11/10)
DOA-3006 Graphic Reproduction Equip Notification of Purchase/Lease
DOA-3016 Vehicle Request (08/19)
DOA-3021P Contract Compliance Program Contractor Instructions (04/13) (PDF)
DOA-3022 Workforce Analysis - Contractor (03/13)
DOA-3023 Contractor's Subcontractor List (03/13)
DOA-3024 Request for Exemption from Submitting Affirmative Action Plan (03/13)
DOA-3027 Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information (07/14)
DOA-3031P Contract Compliance Law Poster (03/13)
DOA-3031P Contract Compliance Law Poster (Spanish)​ (03/13)
DOA-3044 Collective Purchasing (08/19)
DOA-3046 Request for Purchasing Authority (RPA) (07/23)
DOA-3047 Piggybacking Data Plan (10/14) (Non-PeopleSoft agencies and UW entities)
DOA-3048 Checklist for a Request for Exemption of a Grant or a Payment Made Pursuant to Statute (10/22)
DOA-3049 Contract (05/18) 
DOA-3051 Contract Amendment (04/19)
DOA-3054 Standard Terms and Conditions (RFB/RFP) (03/19) 
DOA-3054A Standard Terms and Conditions (Purchase Order) (03/19)
DOA-3055 Publishing Services Order (02/14)
DOA-3060 Justification For IT VMS Outside Wisconsin (04/2​4)​
DOA-3066 Purchase Requisition (08/04)
DOA-3070 Request for Bid (05/14)
DOA-3072​ CAPS Printing Order (11/11​)
DOA-3088​ Simplified Bidding Record (04/23)
DOA-3089 Printing Order Evaluation (03/03)
DOA-3098 RFB/RFP Addendum (10/05)
DOA-3130 Bid Quote for Accommodations/Conference Facilities (11/96)
DOA-3131 Specifications for Accommodations/Conference Facilities (11/96)
DOA-3178 Surplus Property Declaration/Authorization (04/04)
DOA-3234 Minority Business Participation Quarterly Report (10/14) 
DOA-3240 Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Procurement Activity Report (08/14)
DOA-3261 Request for Proposal (05/14)
DOA-3262 Request for Quotation (08/04)
DOA-3300 Purchasing Card Record of Missing Receipt (02/24​)
DOA-3301 Purchasing Card Purchase Reimbursement Form (02/2​4)
DOA-3310 Request for IT or Private Consultant Purchase over $150,000 (02/24​)
DOA-3333 Vendor Agreement- Cooperative Purchasing (05/15)
DOA-3417 Newspaper Legal Notice Rate Certification
DOA-3428 Legal or Public Notice Order
DOA-3453 Governor's Case Letter for Procurements (07/20)
DOA-3477 Vendor Information (02/15)
DOA-3478 Vendor Reference (06/13)
DOA-3543 Data Sheet - Wage Information (05/11)
DOA-3584 Purchasing Card Application and Use Agreement (12/22​​)
DOA-3604 Standard Terms and Conditions for State of Wisconsin Printing (01/02)
DOA-3681 Supplemental Standard Terms & Conditions for Procurements for Services (01/17)
DOA-3686 Complaint Report on Vendor Contractor ​Performance (01/24) 
DOA-3690 Complaint Report on Office Supply Contract (12/06)
DOA-3700 Minority Business Stipulation (02/03)
DOA-3719 Wisconsin Purchasing Process Training Registration (02/13) 
DOA-3720 Procurement Plans (06/22)
DOA-3721 Request for Proposal Evaluation Committee Checklist (08/19)
DOA-3724 Affirmative Action Plan Review Guide (03/19)
DOA-3725 Contracting for Services: Guidelines for Program Managers (02/01)
DOA-3730 Large, High-Risk IT Project Contract Review Request (06/23)​
DOA-3736 Interagency Used Vehicle Sale Report (08/19)
DOA-3767 Public Notices Administrator Assignment
DOA-3768 MOU Public Notices - State Agency
DOA-3768M MOU Public Notices - Municipality
DOA-3769 Simplified Bid Printing Specifications
DOA-3780 Ethics Guidelines for RFPs (7/15) 
DOA-3784 Wisconsin Affirmative Action Plan Contractor Data (03/13)
DOA-3788 Graphic Artist Contract (01/16)
DOA-3819 Continued Appropriateness of Contracting for Annual Expenditure Over $50,000 (07/23)
DOA-3821A CBA Project Summary (07/23)
DOA-3821B CBA Project Financials (07/23)
DOA-3821I CBA Project Instructions (07/23​) 
DOA-3831 Star Piggybacking Request (06/22)
DOA-3832 Bidder Required Form (05/24)
DOA-3833 Purchasing Personnel Inventory (11/18)
DOA 3835 Evaluation Committee Report (08/19)
DOA 3835i Evaluation Committee Report Instructions (08/19)
DOA-3840 SPM Recordkeeping Checklist (08/19)
DOA-3850a Vehicle Lease Request (02/24​)
DOA-3850b Vehicle Lease Cost Analysis (12/20)
DOA-3851a Vehicle Extended Rental Request (02/24​)
DOA-3851b Vehicle Extended Rental Cost Analysis (08/19)
DOA-3852 Donated Vehicle Request (02/24​)
DOA-3853 Em​ergency Vehicle Replacement Request (08/19)
DOA-3854 Additional Vehicle Request for Special Project or Research Use (12/23​)

DOA-6452W8 W-8 Certificate of Foreign Status (including Instructions) (06/12)
SUB-007 State Use: Cost Analysis & Appreciable Contribution Worksheet Price Increase (12/19​)
SUB-008​ State Use: Initial Cost Analysis (12/19​)

Non-numeric Documents

W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
List of Mandatory Printing Contracts​
Request for Bid Template (02/18)