Grants for Local Projects

Gov. Tony Evers launched this program in November 2023. See the Governor's November 2023 Press Release​ for more information about the Non-State Grant program.

Welcome to the Grants for Local Projects program, a transformative initiative that aims to support nonstate organizations in their pursuit of construction projects with a statewide public purpose. We are excited to partner with you in creating a positive impact in communities across Wisconsin.

The program was created by 2023 Wisco​nsin Act 19, which provides:

  • Purpose
    • The program provides funding to nonstate organizations for construction projects that benefit the greater public.
  • Match Requirement
    • To be eligible for a grant, the nonstate organization must secure funding from nonstate revenue sources that cover at least half of the total project cost.
  • Accountability
    • Should a grant-funded project deviate from its public purpose, the state will retain ownership interest in the space equivalent to the grant amount.
  • Logistics
    • The Department of Administration will review and approve construction project plans before a grant is awarded by the Building Commission.
    • Upon award and a fully executed grant agreement, the Department of Administration will disperse the grant funds as a proportional share of actual costs (i.e., reimbursements) for actual design and construction costs.