Division of Hearings And Appeals

Independence - Efficiency - Excellence

Originally created in 1978, the Division of Hearing and Appeals (DHA) is an quasi-judicial, independent entity created to conduct high quality, impartial, independent, and cost and time efficient hearings that serve customer agencies and the citizens of Wisconsin.

The State of Wisconsin uses the central panel model for administrative hearings where administrative law judges may conduct several types of hearings and do not work for the regulated agency. The central panel model is more efficient and assures impartiality in the administrative process.  DHA is attached to DOA only for administrative purposes.  All the employees, including the administrator, are classified employees and are not politically appointed.

DHA currently conducts hearings for fifteen state agencies to provide hearing services and is also available to do hearings for other agencies when requested. It is a growing agency with a varied caseload. The list of agencies DHA conducts hearings for is available here.

DHA currently consists of the following administrative units:

DHA also provides administrative services to the Waste Facility Siting Board. ​

Due to COVID-19, please note that DHA at the Hill Farms State Office Building in Madison is currently closed to the public. For service of legal documents upon DHA, please email your documents to DH​AMail@wisconsin.gov. Service by email will be considered accepted. For questions, please contact DHAMail@wisconsin.gov​

Important notices regarding DHA's Office of Worker's Compensation Hearings:​

January 2021:  Policy on converting in-person hearings to video hearings

March 2021:  In-person Worker's Compensation hearings will resume in Appleton in May

July 2021:  New requirements for exhibits for Worker's Compensation hearings

NEW December 2021:  All Answers and Amended Applications must be filed with Division of Hearings and Appeals

NEW December 2021:  Form letter "Answer Has Yet to be Filed" sent in error

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