Work & Family Services Unit

  • Is there a specific form that is needed to request a fair hearing? No, either the fair hearing request form or a letter requesting a fair hearing may be used. The fair hearing request form can be found on this site on the Unit page.

  • Where do I send my fair hearing request? The request may be mailed or emailed to either of our offices. Visit our Contact DHA page for more information.

  • Would emailing a fair hearing request be an option? Yes. Emailing is an option. Our email address is DHAMail@wisconsin.gov. However, we also need a signed copy of the hearing request. So, it would have to be scanned and then emailed to us.

  • Does the hearing have to be in person? No, as we hold all of our hearings over the phone.

  • Do I need a lawyer? A lawyer is not necessary for a fair hearing. The hearing requestor can choose to have a lawyer or representative at the hearing, but it is not a requirement. If the choice is made to have a lawyer or representative at the hearing, please contact us before the hearing with their contact information before the hearing.

  • Do I need to send in any additional information or documents before the hearing? The agency involved in the hearing sends a packet of information to the Division of Hearings and Appeals. However, this packet contains only the information that the agency has on file. It is entirely up to the discretion of the hearing requestor to provide any information they feel is relevant to their case. Any information provided to us also needs to be provided to the other party (the agency).

  • How long does it take to get a hearing? We process a fair hearing request on the following business day. It can then take up to five days for the agency involved to respond. Once we receive a response from the agency involved, we schedule the hearing. Usually the hearing is held anywhere from four to six weeks out from the date we receive the fair hearing request.