Municipal Services Payments

​The purpose of the Municipal Services Payments (MSP) Program is to make an equitable annual payment to municipalities, from a specific state appropriation, in recognition of critical services directly provided to state facilities. The intent of the statute (Section 70.119) and the effect of these guidelines is to aid in the reduction of local real property taxes by making a state contribution toward the cost of certain municipality generated services financed out of local property tax revenue. The amount of an entitlement per municipality is determined largely by formula, and through additional negotiation for special conditions or situations which may arise.

No special application or request on the part of a city, village or town is required in order to be eligible for the formula determined entitlements. Program administration will be conducted by an MSP Administrator designated by the Department of Administration.

This program started in 1973 and has been operating ever since. The three services covered under this program are police, fire, and solid waste.

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History of MSP Payments (Adobe PDF) (Microsoft Excel
MSP Program Guidelines (Adobe PDF
Payment Schedule for Services Provided During CY 2017 (Adobe PDF) (Microsoft Excel)