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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The State Bureau of Procurement (SBOP) is part of the Wisconsin Department of Administration and administers the procurement laws, policies and procedures of the state on behalf of all agencies and campuses.

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    ​Statewide procurement contracts are written directives issued by the State Bureau of Procurement to authorize agency purchasing activities. They are established as the result of a competitive process or an approved waiver of the bidding process.

    Contracts contain complete operational instructions such as ordering instructions for specific commodities/services, source of supply, pricing structure, terms and delivery information. (Additional information is available in State Procurement Manual PRO-402.)

    State procurement contracts are for use by agencies across the state. Contracts identified as mandatory must be used by a state agency when a need exists, regardless of dollar amount, for the commodities/services contained in the contract. Optional contracts may be used at an agency's discretion.

    Agencies may also establish agency-specific contracts for their ongoing needs that should be posted on VendorNet. An agency may also use a contract established by another agency by following the policies and procedures of PRO-502.

    Wisconsin Statutes allow municipalities to purchase from state contracts. Contracts will designate whether the contractor(s) has agreed to extend its terms and conditions to Wisconsin municipalities. Additionally, municipalities may post their contracts on VendorNet. An agency wishing to use a municipal contract must follow the policies and procedures of PRO-502.

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    State Bureau of Procurement

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    About Us

    State Bureau of Procurement

    The State Bureau of Procurement (SBOP) administers procurement laws, policies and procedures on behalf of all agencies and campuses. SBOP’s responsibilities include:

    • ​​Interpreting statutes and administrative code
    • ​​Establishing policies and procedures governing all agency and campus procurements
    • ​​Managing statewide procurements and contracts for goods and services used across state government
    • ​​Providing training and consulting services to agencies
    • ​​Maintaining the State’s online purchasing information systems
    • ​​Performing management reviews of agencies and campuses for compliance with state procurement laws, policies and procedures

    SBOP is comprised of four sections: Enterprise Sourcing; Enterprise IT Sourcing; Consolidated Agency Purchasing Services (CAPS); and WisPro Resources & Special Programs (WisPro​).

      Enterprise Sourcing Section

      The Enterprise Sourcing section of the Bureau manages statewide procurements and contracts for non-IT commodities and services. ​Examples of Enterprise Sourcing contract categories include:

      • ​​Office supplies
      • ​​Facilities maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies
      • ​​Banking
      • ​​Furniture and flooring
      • ​​Elevator maintenance
      • ​​Medical supplies
      • ​​Pharmaceuticals
      • ​​Fuel
      • ​​Vehicles
      Enterprise IT Sourcing Section

      The Enterprise IT Sourcing section of the Bureau develops competitive procurements and manages statewide contracts and is also responsible for large contracts of the Division of Enterprise Technology (DET). Examples of IT Sourcing contract categories include:

      • ​​Computer hardware and peripherals
      • ​​Enterprise software
      • ​​IT services
      • ​​Non-IT temporary professional services
      • ​​Internet services
      • ​​All statewide printing
      • ​​Telecommunications
      CAPS Section

      The Consolidated Agency Purchasing Services (CAPS) section of SBOP provides procurement support to non-delegated State agencies. CAPS is dedicated to helping agencies obtain the commodities and services necessary for day-to-day operations at a competitive price while maintaining compliance with procurement regulations and guidelines.

      Agencies supported by CAPS generally have small dollar or infrequent procurement activity. CAPS professionals are available on an as-needed basis to manage procurement actions on their behalf, while each CAPS agency maintains responsibility for its financial management. CAPS is the clearing house for releasing and approving requisitions, purchase orders and change orders for its agencies, ensuring that statutory procurement authority exists.

      List of Current CAPS-Supported Agencies

      WisPro Section

      The WisPro Resources & Special Programs (WisPro) section works closely with the other sections within SBOP to support Wisconsin’s procurement efforts. WisPro helps ensure state procurement staff are trained properly, provides analytical support for SBOP procurement staff, develops and maintains knowledge management systems, manages electronic procurement systems, and is home to the Bureau’s special programs. WisPro is responsible for the following:

      • Procurement training and communications;
      • ​​Developing and maintaining knowledge management systems;
      • ​​Market research, data analysis, and reporting;
      • Maintaining electronic procurement systems, including WisBuy, VendorNet, and the RPA System;
      • Coordinating special programs, including Contract Compliance Program, Federal and State Surplus Programs, State Use Program, and the IT Vendor Management Program; and
      • ​Providing support to the enterprise through the WisPro Help Desk.