PRO-402 Statewide Contracts: Standards and Utilization

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    The purpose of this policy is to establish official procedure for issuance and agency utilization of statewide contracts, as well as establish standards for enterprise contract numbering conventions.


    Statewide procurement contracts are written directives issued by the State Bureau of Procurement to authorize agency purchasing activities in specified goods and services categories.

    Contracts identified as mandatory will be used by the procuring agency, regardless of dollar amount, unless a waiver (i.e., business case exception request) is granted by the contract manager. Business case exception requests (i.e., requests to waive the use of a mandatory contract) are considered on their merits. Where approved, the agency must account for an alternate procurement authority based on the estimated dollar amount. Waiving the use of contract does not also waive applicable bidding procedure. See PRO-301, Competitive Procurement Policy.

    Non-mandatory (i.e., optional-use) contracts may be used at the agency's discretion for the goods and services contained in the contract.

    State agencies that use the STAR Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System must follow the Bureau’s established contract numbering convention. See PIM 16-001, Contract Naming Convention.

    State agencies that do not use STAR, such as the University of Wisconsin System and its campuses, will use their own unique numbering system for any contracts they administer. 

    Ch. 16.72(4)(a), Wis. Stats. requires prior approval to enter into services contracts. The following are considered acceptable forms of "prior approval":

    • Approved Request for Purchasing Authority

    • Approved procurement plan

    • Approved request for $150,000 IT or consultant purchases pursuant to 2018 Wisconsin Executive Order 288 (where applicable)

    • Authorized piggybacking and use of statewide enterprise contracts

    Agencies will first consult contract listings on VendorNet or STAR when goods or contractual services are needed.


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