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The State of Wisconsin's budget covers a 2-year period from July 1 of one odd-numbered year through June 30 of the next odd-numbered year. Development of the biennial budget involves a nearly year-long process. In the fall of the even-numbered year, state agencies submit budget requests to the Department of Administration. Requests are compiled by the State Budget Office for review by the Governor. The Governor is required by law to deliver the budget message to the new legislature on or before the last Tuesday in January, although the legislature can extend the deadline at the Governor's request.

To meet the state's budgetary cycle, the budget should be signed and effective by July 1 of the odd-numbered year. If there is a delay, state agencies operate at their appropriation authority from the prior budget until the new budget is in effect.

Biennial Budget (2021-23)

Current Biennial Budget (2019-21)

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