To register for free on eSupplier, companies should go to

  1. ​Go to the Wisconsin Bidder Portal.

    Once you've navigated to eSupplier (, click the Wisconsin Bidder Portal button on the right to go to the Bidder Homepage.

  1. ​Register for a WAMS username and password.

    You can find a link to Create your WAMS ID below the sign-in button on the Bidder Homepage. Once you have completed the WAMS registration form, you will receive an email with a verification link. Click the link and enter the required information.
  1. ​Login to eSupplier.

    Return to the eSupplier Bidder Homepage by going to and clicking the Wisconsin Bidder Portal button on the right. Enter the WAMS username and password you created in the last step to sign in. 3
  1. ​Register in eSupplier.

    Click the Register button once you've logged into eSupplier. You will be asked to enter an email address. If your VendorNet account was active at the time of the transition to eSupplier (September 2017), entering the same email address you used in VendorNet will bring over any NIGP codes you had in VendorNet to your new eSupplier profile. Fill out your company information in the eSupplier Registration Form. We recommend not using any autofill functions when completing this form, especially if using Chrome. Click Save before returning to the Bidder Homepage.

  1. ​Add NIGP Codes to your account to receive automatic notifications of solicitations.

    You will be asked to enter at least one NIGP code during your registration, but you may add more or update them at any time. To do this, login to eSupplier on the Bidder Homepage and click the My NIGP Codes link to the left of your company information and Bidder ID number displayed (in the upper left corner). NIGP codes represent the services and commodity areas your company is interested in providing. You may add as many codes as is appropriate for your business. Once they've been saved, you will begin receiving automatic notifications by email for any solicitations issued by State agencies and University of Wisconsin System campuses that match the codes saved to your profile.

Additional eSupplier information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our eSupplier FAQ document:​