STAR Program Office

State Transforming Agency Resources (STAR) is an efficient and reliable enterprise-wide system designed to provide better consistency among state agencies as well as a modernization of the State's IT infrastructure.  STAR maintains the state's finance, budget, procurement, business intelligence and human resource functions and is more cost-effective than having each agency support its own IT infrastructure.

Several releases of STAR have been implemented. The first release began in July 2015 and was completed in October 2015 with the implementation of Finance and Procurement functionality. The second release began in December 2015 with the implementation of Human Capital Management functionality for administrative and self-service users. The third release began in July 2016 at the Department of Transportation.

Significant Keys to Success can be attributed to implementing PeopleSoft Oracle, STAR, and strengthening the relationship between the State of Wisconsin and 57 state agencies, resulting in savings for the people of Wisconsin.