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Procurement Systems:


    eSupplier Web Site
    eSupplier Bidder FAQs

    ​Tutorial: eSupplier Bidder Registration

    ​The eSupplier Portal for Bidders allows companies interested in doing business with the State of Wisconsin an opportunity to receive automatic notifications of solicitations from State agencies, the UW System and municipalities. In addition, bidders are able to search and respond to solicitations from State Agencies within eSupplier.



    ​The Department of Administration operates VendorNet as a service to state agencies, businesses and other interested parties. VendorNet is the state’s database containing all available bids, current contracts and searchable NIGP codes. Additionally, campus and municipalities can post solicitations on VendorNet.


    Login to WISBuy (PCard Marketplace)
    Login to WISBuy (eCatalog)
    WISBuy User Guide
    WISBuy Agency Admin Guide
    WISBuy Vendor Account Setup​​
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Agency Administrator List

    ​The State Bureau of Procurement (SBOP) supports an electronic commerce/catalog system called WISBuy. Statewide contracts for commonly purchased goods and services are enabled on WISBuy to allow for a more streamlined online shopping and ordering process on state contracts.

    WISBuy is available for State agencies, University of Wisconsin System campuses and Wisconsin state municipalities.

    Procurement Request Portal

    Procurement Request Portal:
    Procurement Request Portal Login

    The Procurement Request Portal allows for the electronic submission, processing, and approval of procurement requests, including RPAs,​ Procurement Plans, and High-Risk IT Requests.​ The RPA System and Procurement Plan System are contained within the Procurement Request Portal.

      RPA System:

      Agencies initiate procurement activities by means of requisition processes established by the State Bureau of Procurement. A Request for Purchasing Authority (RPA) is required to be submitted to SBOP for certain procurements with specific dollar thresholds, as determined by applicable law. The official system of record for the submittal, approval, and processing of RPAs is the Procurement Request Portal.

      ​Procurement Plan System:

      ​Procurement Plans are submitted to the State Bureau of Procurement to obtain purchasing authority for specific transactions (see PRO-201). While previously completed on paper and archived on SharePoint, Procurement Plans will now be completed through the Procurement Request Portal.

      ​High-Risk IT System​:​ ​

      The High-Risk IT System is the automated system that allows users to submit requests for DOA to review new contracts that involving large, high-risk IT projects.

    Wisconsin eSignature: DocuSign

    eSignature Login (DocuSign)
    Wisconsin eSignature User Guide (DocuSign)
    Wisconsin eSignature Admin Guide (DocuSign)
    Wisconsin eSignature Template Builder Guide (DocuSign)
    ​​ ​The State Bureau of Procurement has an enterprise subscription to an electronic signature solution, used primarily to execute documents which require signature in contractual, purchasing, procurement or other agreements related to the acquisition of goods and services. This includes but is not limited to contract renewals, new contracts, grants, software licensing and certain activities related to projects.

    Strategic Sourcing: State Agencies Only

    Strategic Sourcing Tips & Tricks
    STARConnection for job aids, tools and resources (STAR Connection > Resources > Finance and Procurement > Job Aids > Search for “Strategic Sourcing”)

    ​Strategic Sourcing is the STAR PeopleSoft module used by State agencies to create requests for bids, requests for proposals, requests for information and simplified bids. The solicitations created within the Strategic Sourcing module are available for bidders to respond to electronically through the eSupplier Portal for Bidders.

    State Agency Purchasing/Printing Directory

    Purchasing Directory
    State Agency Purchasing Directory Update Form

    Each agency purchasing/printing office is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the contact information for their purchasing director or designee(s). Changes should be sent to the State Bureau of Procurement using the link above.