PRO-201 Procurement Plans




    The scope of this policy is to establish requirements and procedure for submitting procurement plans and to simplify the approval process to obtain authority to conduct certain transactions as listed in this policy.


    Agencies will complete a procurement plan for the processes outlined below and based on defined thresholds. See PRO-101, Procurement Definitions and Thresholds.

    • Requests for proposals (RFP) in all amounts; see PRO-306.
    • Collaborative Contracting methods except piggybacking; see PRO-502.
    • Requests for bids (RFB) for services, or RFBs for commodities where there is an estimated service component valued over the official sealed bidding threshold; see PRO-304.
    • Transactions over the official bidding threshold where more than one agency is participating in the procurement.

    The following purchases do not require a procurement plan:

    • Transactions below the official bidding threshold.
    • Request for Procurement Authority (RPA); see PRO-210.
    • RFB for commodities.
    • Piggybacking from other agency contracts; see PRO-502.
    • Purchases using statewide contracts.

    Printing is bid (RFPs are not allowed) in accordance with an agency’s level of delegation and applicable policy; see PRO-505, Printing Procurement Policy and Procedure. Agency delegation to conduct other procurement processes is established in PRO-102, Delegation.


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    PRO-201 Procurement Plans