Department of Administration Code: The code is provided as downloadable and searchable webpages and PDF files.​

State Procurement Manual: A guide to statewide policies and procedures for obtaining materials, supplies, equipment, contractual services and all other items.

Wisconsin Statutes: The table of contents shows all the statute chapter titles listed numerically, grouped under subject matter headings.

Guides & FAQ's

​​​​Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax FAQ: Wisconsin statutes require that vendors doing business with the state must register, collect and remit Wisconsin sales or use tax. This FAQ addresses the tax laws.

Pocket Travel Guide: This brochure summarizes the State's travel guidelines.

Procurement Desk Guide: This desk guide introduces the reader to State of Wisconsin procurement policies and procedures. (Note: This guide does not apply to state building construction, highway construction, municipal or quasi-public procurement activities.)

VendorNet User Guide: The most frequent questions about VendorNet are answered here.

Vendors' Guide: An overview for vendors and how to do business with the State of Wisconsin.

​Brochures & Flyers

 Doing Business with the State Booklet: A full-color, 4-page booklet providing guidance for businesses interested in selling goods and services to the State.

 Doing Business with the State Brochure: A quick guide for businesses interested in selling goods and services to the State.​

Federal Surplus Brochure: A brief overview of the Federal Surplus Property Program, focusing on who is eligible and how to access the program.

 SBOP Brochure: A quick overview of the State Bureau of Procurement.​

 State Use Pamphlet: An overview of the State Use Program.​

VendorNet Brochure: ​An overview of VendorNet, including brief instructions for registering on eSupplier.

 VendorNet to eSupplier Flyer + Instructions: A flyer noting the transition of bidder registration from VendorNet to eSupplier and including detailed eSupplier registration instructions.​​

VendorNet to eSupplier Flyer: A flyer noting the transition of bidder registration from VendorNet to eSupplier (with no additional instructions for registering on eSupplier).​

WISBuy Brochure: A brief overview of the WISBuy, the State’s electronic marketplace.​


Contractual Services Reports: Copies of Contractual Service reports by Fiscal Year.

Open Book Wisconsin: Easy access to State of Wisconsin expenditures (the amount of money the State of Wisconsin spends to do business).

Public Notices: Procedures for using Public Notices Website

Purchasing Forms: A numerical listing of DOA forms.​

Uniform Travel Schedule Amounts: This document includes guidelines on travel expenses and reimbursements.

UW Madison Purchasing Contract Inquiry Search: This tool allows users to search for active contracts with UW Madison, the UW System and the State of Wisconsin.