Division 32 - Exterior Improvements - Master Specifications/Design Guidelines

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Exterior Improvements - Design Guidelines - Division 32

​File NameFile TitleRev. Date
​cvlGUIDEs.pdf​Civil and Sitework Guidelines​4/28/2016

Exterior Improvements - Master Specifications - Division 32 ​

File NameFile TitleRev. Date
32 11 23.33.docx​Dense Graded Base​9/1/2015
​32 12 16.13.docx​Plant-Mix Asphalt Paving​12/12/2017
​32 17 23.docx​Pavement Markings​9/1/2015
​32 31 13.43.docx​Correctional Chain Link Fencing and Gates​10/1/2012
32 31 13.docx​Chain Link Fencing and Gates​10/1/2012
32 91 13.docx​Soil Preparation​2/17/2016
​32 91 13.50.docx​Stormwater Bioinfiltration​2/17/2016
​32 92 00.docx​Plants​7/26/2017
​32 92 19.docx​Seeding​7/26/2017
32 92 20.docx​Native Seeding​7/26/2017
32 92 23.docx​Sodding​7/26/2017

Exterior Improvements - Master Details - Division 32 ​

File NameFile TitleRev. Date
​Asphalt Pavement Cross Section.dwg
​Asphalt Pavement Cross Section CAD Detail
​Asphalt Pavement Cross Section.pdf
​Asphalt Pavement Cross Section PDF Detail
Concrete Cross Section.dwg
​Concrete Cross Section CAD Detail
Concrete Cross Section.pdf
​Concrete Cross Section PDF Detail
​Concrete Curb and Gutter.dwg
​Concrete Curb and Gutter CAD Detail
​Concrete Curb and Gutter.pdf
​Concrete Curb and Gutter PDF Detail
Concrete Curb Taper.dwg
​Concrete Curb Taper CAD Detail
Concrete Curb Taper.pdf
​Concrete Curb Taper PDF Detail
​Concrete Flume.dwg
​Concrete Flume CAD Detail
Concrete Flume.pdf
​Concrete Flume PDF Detail
Concrete Sidewalk.dwg
​Concrete Sidewalk CAD Detail
Concrete Sidewalk.pdf
​Concrete Sidewalk PDF Detail
Coniferous Tree Planting.dwg
​Coniferous Tree Planting CAD Detail
Coniferous Tree Planting.pdf
​Coniferous Tree Planting PDF Detail
​Container Perennial Plantings.dwg
​Container Perennial Plantings CAD Detail
Container Perennial Plantings.pdf
​Container Perennial Plantings PDF Detail
​Contraction Joint.dwg
​Contraction Joint CAD Detail
Contraction Joint.pdf
​Contraction Joint PDF Detail
Deciduous Tree Planting.dwg
​Deciduous Tree Planting CAD Detail
​Deciduous Tree Planting.pdf
​Deciduous Tree Planting PDF Detail
Driveway Apron.dwg
​Driveway Apron CAD Detail
Driveway Apron.pdf
​Driveway Apron PDF Detail
Expansion Joint.dwg
​Expansion Joint CAD Detail
​Expansion Joint.pdf
​Expansion Joint PDF Detail
Handicap Ramp.dwg
​Handicap Ramp CAD Detail
Handicap Ramp.pdf
​Handicap Ramp PDF Detail
​Handicapped Parking.dwg
​Handicapped Parking CAD Detail
​Handicapped Parking.pdf
​Handicapped Parking PDF Detail
Parking Striping.dwg
Parking Striping CAD Detail​
Parking Striping.pdf
Parking Striping PDF Detail
Pavement Marking Symbols.dwg
​Pavement Marking Symbols CAD Detail
​Pavement Marking Symbols.pdf
​Pavement Marking Symbols PDF Detail
​Permeable Brick Pavers System.dwg
​Permeable Brick Pavers System CAD Detail
Permeable Brick Pavers System.pdf
​Permeable Brick Pavers System PDF Detail
Stone Gravel Mulch Maintenance Strip.dwg
​Stone_Gravel Mulch Maintenance Strip CAD Detail
Stone Gravel Mulch Maintenance Strip.pdf
​Stone_Gravel Mulch Maintenance Strip PDF Detail
​Unit Paver.dwg
​Unit Paver CAD Detail
​Unit Paver.pdf
​Unit Paver PDF Detail