STAR Change Management

​The STAR Project affects 35,000+ State of Wisconsin end-users. To provide the necessary framework to facilitate change, the STAR Change Management office supports these end-users in their journey from basic program awareness to overall change.

STAR change management program areas include:

  • STAR Business Intelligence provides insight into data from one or multiple data sources, displayed in a single view. Business Intelligence is used when robust reporting functionality is required to turn data into useful information. The STAR Business Intelligence Team consists of experts in Dashboard and Summary Reporting, Financial Analytics, Procurement and Spend Analytics, Project Analytics, and Human Resource Analytics. These tools identify and quantify trends, patterns, and errors in business transactions.

  • STAR Communications ensure end-users and stakeholders receive valuable information throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. The key goals of STAR Communications include:

    • Build awareness of the PeopleSoft system
    • Proactively support change
    • Align communications with end-user needs
    • Project management

  • STAR Enterprise Learning Management is the State of Wisconsin solution to addressing a variety of operational challenges including

    • Creating an engaging, performance-driven culture
    • Aligning learning with organizational goals
    • Reducing costs associated with training opportunities.

  • STAR Training offers a variety of resources and learning opportunities for State of Wisconsin employees.

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