VendorNet & eSupplier

What are VendorNet and eSupplier?

VendorNet and eSupplier provide easy access to a wide variety of information of interest to vendors who wish to provide goods and services to the State, State agencies, and municipalities. Bidding and the time required to identify new vendors is minimized while vendors are automatically notified of opportunities in their area of interest.

The eSupplier Portal for Bidders allows companies interested in doing business with the State of Wisconsin an opportunity to receive automatic notifications of solicitations from State agencies, the UW System, and municipalities. In addition, bidders are able to search and respond to solicitations from State Agencies within eSupplier.

VendorNet provides general information on how to do business with the State; names, addresses, and telephone numbers of State agency procurement staff; and a summary of what the State buys and how much it spends is included. In addition, information on certified work centers, minority business enterprises, recycling, and affirmative action programs is available.

Please note, VendorNet and eSupplier do not provide information on highway or construction projects; VendorNet and eSupplier are related to purchases of goods and services only. Please see the Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Development website for information on construction projects and the Department of Transportation for road and airport construction projects.



As a bidder registered in eSupplier, information you provide on your company and its goods/services is stored in the central statewide vendor database for inclusion in bidder lists as they arise. Registration allows you to receive automatic notification each time a State agency, including the University of Wisconsin System campuses, posts an RFB or an RFP with an estimated value over $50,000 in your designated commodity/service area(s). You will also have the ability to search for and download current bids and State agency contracts at your convenience.

Simply complete the online registration process at



S. 345.05(1)(c), Wis. Stats., defines Wisconsin municipalities as any county, city ,village, town, enumerated school district, or any other political subdivision of the state. In Wisconsin, the technical college campuses are considered municipalities, not State agencies. Municipalities are able to acquire many products and services through contracts listed on the VendorNet System. Savings ranging between 20% and 60% off retail prices can be realized through the use of these statewide contracts. VendorNet maximizes the subscriber's time and money by getting the highest value for the taxpayer's dollars.

VendorNet can also reduce staff time required to research specifications, minimize bidding, and reduce the time required to identify new vendors. A registered municipality can search for current contracts available for cooperative purchasing and download contracts that they may want to use. In addition, municipalities will be able to post their own municipal bids and proposals on VendorNet, expanding the distribution of these documents to a broader vendor base and maximizing competition on their procurements.

Municipalities can register on VendorNet to post solicitations, which will automatically be sent to those bidders who have registered with the State through the eSupplier Portal.