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​Solicitation Systems


  • Vendors' Guide - a guide to doing business with the State of Wisconsin, answering many frequently asked questions about State procurement, responding to solicitations, and being awarded contracts.

  • General Information - provides basic information about State procurement

  • State Procurement Manual - sets forth detailed procurement policies and procedures

  • Wisconsin Statutes - §16.70-16.78, Wisconsin Statutes, apply to all general purchasing of goods and services by agencies and campuses

  • Department of Administration Code - ADM 5-11 and 50, Wisconsin Administrative Code, define purchasing and competitive bidding policies

  • Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax - provides an overview of the Vendor Tax Law, answers frequently asked questions, and provides a link to the list of vendors not in compliance with the Sales and Use Tax Laws

  • Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance - provides an overview to aid a contractor in satisfying the equal opportunity/affirmative action requirements specified in the State of Wisconsin contracts