State Procurement Manual

Effective August 15, 2019, the Wisconsin State Procurement Manual is being revised. The new content and homepage can be found at the link below. The policies linked on the new homepage will become officially effective on September 16, 2019.




The Procurement Process
​​Number ​​Title Effective
​Number ​​​Title Effective
PRO-C-1 Competitive Bidding Policy 08/01/82 ​PRO-C-21 Mail Job Action Contingency Plan 01/01/82
PRO-C-2 Request for Purchasing Approval/Authority (RPA) Policy and Procedure 10/31/11 ​PRO-C-22 Request for Information (Formerly Estimate Solicitation) 06/19/03
​PRO-C-3 Emergency Procurement 02/07/13 PRO-C-23 Notice to Unsuccessful Bidder 03/09/12
​PRO-C-4 Non-Collusion Statement 06/01/82 PRO-C-24 ​Tied Bids 03/27/07
​PRO-C-5 Bidding Policy and Procedure, Official Sealed Bid 09/01/17 PRO-C-25 Intergovernmental Procurements             09/01/17
​PRO-C-6 Legal/Public Notice 01/12/12 ​PRO-C-26 American-made Materials Policy             09/01/17
​PRO-C-7 Equipment List Procedure 10/01/00 PRO-C-27 Serial Contracting 09/18/12
​PRO-C-8 Simplified Bidding 11/05/13 ​PRO-C-28 Disclosure 12/01/83
PRO-C-9 Waiver of Bidding Process 05/01/97 PRO-C-29 Evaluation Committee (Request for Proposal) 03/27/07
​PRO-C-10 ​Bid Waiver Justification Letter 10/18/01 PRO-C-30 ​Communications with Proposers (Request for Proposal) 05/01/92
PRO-C-11 General Waiver 05/08/02 ​PRO-C-31 Reverse Auction             09/01/17
PRO-C-12 ​Competitive Negotiation (Request for Proposal) 09/01/17 ​PRO-C-32 Grants and Other Nonprocurement Transactions 09/21/10
PRO-C-13 ​Noncompetitive Negotiation (Sole Source) 04/01/02 ​PRO-C-33 Procurement from Badger State Industries 03/14/13
PRO-C-14 Utility Services 01/01/86 PRO-C-34 Evaluation Committee Problems/Issue Resolution (Request for Proposal) 12/02/13
PRO-C-15 Basis for Awards 07/01/94 PRO-C-35 VendorNet 08/17/12
​PRO-C-16 ​Lowest Responsible Bidder 10/18/01 ​PRO-C-36 Electronic Forms 07/29/10
​PRO-C-17 Bidders Lists 10/14/14 PRO-C-37 World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement 01/01/12
PRO-C-18 Printing Procurements 05/26/04 ​PRO-C-38 Guidelines for Use of Requests for Proposals, Official Sealed Bids and Waivers 03/27/07
​PRO-C-19 Bonds and Sureties 06/19/03 PRO-C-39 Best and Final Offer Process and Procedures 03/27/07
PRO-C-20 Reciprocity Law 05/26/04 ​PRO-C-40 Evaluation Committee Reports 03/27/07


General Policies
Number ​Title Effective
​Number ​Title Effective
PRO-D-1 Minority Business Enterprise Policy 12/16/10 ​PRO-D-19 Recycling Procurement 05/01/01
PRO-D-2 ​Honorarium 05/01/97 ​PRO-D-20 Letters of Endorsements and-or Testimonials 01/01/82
PRO-D-3 Contract Compliance Policies and Procedures 04/24/13 ​PRO-D-21 ​Construction Projects 02/01/99
​PRO-D-4 ​Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Requirement 05/26/09 PRO-D-22 Procurement of Space 04/14/10
PRO-D-5 ​Graphic Reproduction Equipment 11/05/13 PRO-D-23 Public Records Access 09/01/17
PRO-D-6 Federal Property Program 11/15/04 ​PRO-D-24 Cutoff Days for Encumbering Funds 03/31/14
​PRO-D-7 Telecommunications Procurements 09/15/10 ​PRO-D-25 Collective Purchasing with Other States or the Federal Government 09/01/17
​PRO-D-8 Unlawful Benefits to State Employees and Public Officials 12/01/86 PRO-D-26 ​Antitrust Laws 10/01/00
​PRO-D-9 Small Business Policy 06/01/91 PRO-D-27 ​Contract Award - Competitive Negotiation 06/01/83
PRO-D-10 ​Council on Small Business, Veteran-owned Business and Minority Business Opportunities 02/25/10 PRO-D-28 Amendments to Requests for Purchasing Approval/Authority (RPAs) 10/11/12
PRO-D-11 Use of Private Facilities 01/01/82 ​PRO-D-29 Piggybacking (Formerly Identical Requirement Contracts) 10/14/14
PRO-D-12 Veteran-owned Business Policy 04/01/93 PRO-D-30 Cooperative Purchasing: Wisconsin Municipalities             09/01/17
PRO-D-13 ​Insurance and Bonds 07/01/93 PRO-D-31 Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax 09/10/04
PRO-D-14 Use of Products Containing Phosphorus 12/01/84 PRO-D-32 Procurement of Transportation: Individual and Small Group Travel 02/01/06
PRO-D-15 Contracts for Household Moves 12/01/83 PRO-D-33 Conference, Meeting, Seminar and Group Travel Planning             09/01/17
PRO-D-16 Motor Vehicles, Procurement of 10/01/88 PRO-D-34 Certificates of Insurance 04/14/10
PRO-D-17 Limited Trades Contracts 02/01/99 PRO-D-35 Disabled Veteran-owned Business Policy 10/14/14
PRO-D-18 Contracts With Carriers For Transportation of Merchandise (Except Household Goods) 12/01/83


Contracting, Ordering, Receiving and Payment
​​Number ​​Title Effective
​​Number ​Title Effective
PRO-E-1 ​Purchase Order 01/01/00 PRO-E-13 Maintenance and Repair Contracts 04/01/00
PRO-E-2 Purchase Requisition 04/01/00 PRO-E-14 Pricing and Discounts 11/01/88
​PRO-E-3 Receiving, Inspection and Claims Procedures on Purchased Materials 06/01/89 ​PRO-E-15 Excise Taxes-Exempt or Not 03/31/14
PRO-E-4 Direct Charges, Invoices and Vouchers 01/01/00 PRO-E-16 Contract Blanket Orders 10/01/89
PRO-E-5 Receipt of Damaged Goods (Formerly Rejection Documentation) 04/01/00 PRO-E-17 Capital Acquisition Financing 01/01/82
PRO-E-6 ​Prompt Payment Policy 08/01/93 PRO-E-18
PRO-E-7 Standard Terms and Conditions 06/01/99 PRO-E-19 Life Cycle Cost Estimates 01/01/82
PRO-E-8 Prior Approval of Purchases/Unauthorized Purchases 06/01/83 PRO-E-20 Release Orders 10/01/89
PRO-E-9 Noncontract Blanket Orders 10/14/14 PRO-E-21 Contract Cancellation and Termination Procedures 05/01/97
PRO-E-10 Length of Contracts 04/01/02 PRO-E-22 Leasing/Rental, Passenger Sedans; Vans and Station Wagons; Work Vans, Trucks and Buses; Airplanes; and Motorcycles 11/26/07
PRO-E-11 Funds Available 01/01/82 PRO-E-23 Purchasing Card 09/23/05
PRO-E-12 Lease and Rental Agreements 03/10/04 PRO-E-24 Extended Period/Continuing Contracts 11/25/02


Transportation, Materials Distribution, Disposal
​Number ​Title Effective
​Number ​Title Effective
PRO-F-1 Surplus Property Disposal -- Vehicles and Related Equipment 11/05/10 PRO-F-3 Surplus Property Disposal -- Nonvehicles 09/01/17
PRO-F-2 Materials Distribution Services (Formerly State Consolidated Stores) and Waupun Central Warehouse 08/01/99