Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program

As of June 30, 2020 the Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program will no longer offer grants for the purchase of idling reduction technology. 

The 2019-2020 Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program Application application period is now closed. The deadline to submit applications was August 30, 2019.  

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The address to submit correspondence is:

Department of Administration
Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources
Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program
101 East Wilson St
P.O. Box 7970
Madison, WI 53707-7970

The program was created by the Governor's budget bill, 2005 Wisconsin Act 25. Under the program, DOA provides grants to freight motor carriers (common, contract and private motor carriers) headquartered in Wisconsin to purchase and install idling reduction units for newer truck tractors. Idling reduction units provide an alternative source of power used to heat, cool, or provide electricity to the cab or other parts of a truck in lieu of operating the truck's main drive engine to power these services. The use of idling reduction units on heavy-duty diesel trucks saves fuel and lowers air pollution emissions. Awards are chosen randomly using a computer generated lottery system.

Eligible applicants will receive a reimbursement of up to 50% for the costs of idling reduction equipment and installation. Before applying in the future, applicants should review the rule and changes.

Questions to consider before applying for grant coverage:

  1. Do you own and operate your diesel truck tractor? The person applying for a grant must own and operate the truck.  

  2. Do you lease your truck tractor? Lease vehicles will NOT be eligible to apply due to state statutory language which requires motor carriers to own (possess truck title) and operate their trucks to be eligible.  

  3. Is your diesel truck(s) engine 1999 or newer? The engine model year must be 1999 or newer to be eligible for grant coverage.  

  4. Is your fleet headquartered in the State of Wisconsin? The motor carrier applying for grant coverage must be headquartered in the State of Wisconsin.  

  5. If you are an owner/operator, is your residence in Wisconsin? The owner operator applying for grant coverage must reside in Wisconsin.  

  6. Have you reviewed the Statute, Rule, Factsheet and FAQs to make sure you are eligible to apply for funding?

Past Grant Recipients 

Reporting Forms

All of the required reports are available electronically:

Idling Reduction Technology Information

Interested in how much savings and what the potential payback is for purchasing idling reduction equipment? The Department of Energy's Argonne Laboratory has developed a worksheet that enables truck owners to estimate their savings and potential payback when using idling reduction equipment. If you have any comments on the worksheet please email Dr. Linda Gaines at the Argonne Laboratory. Have experience with idling reduction technology and want to share your thoughts? Send your thoughts to the Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program staff.


For more information on the Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program, you can contact:

Jean Beckwith
Program Manager
Phone: (608) 261-2517
E-Mail: Jean.Beckwith@Wisconsin.gov