Division 33 - Utilities - Master Specifications/Design Guidelines

​​DISCLAIMER:  These files are intended for use by consultants to the State of Wisconsin and by others for construction and remodeling of State owned facilities. The State of Wisconsin bears no liability nor responsibility for any other use of these specifications.

At the ​start of each project, consultants must download the current revision of all DFD files that apply to the project. There are two ways to download the files:

  1. Download individual files from DFD's Master Specification website. Right click on the file name and choose Save link as. Repeat this for all applicable files.
  2. Download multiple files simultaneously from DFD's file Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. Open your File Explorer program and type ftp://doaftp1380.wi.gov/master_spec​ into the address bar. Copy the applicable files to your computer. Division 01 files are not ava​ilable on the FTP site and must be downloaded from the Division 01 Master Specification website.​

Utilities - Design Guidelines - Division 33

​File Name​File Title​Rev. Date
​Arc Welding Filler.pdf​​Arc Welding Filler Metal Selection Chart​​1/6/2014
​cvlGUIDEs.pdf​Civil and Sitework Guidelines​​4/28/2016
Deaerator Policy.pdf​Deaerator Heater & Storage Tank Inspection Policy​12/10/2013

Utilities - Master Specifications - Division 33

File NameFile TitleRev. Date
33 05 12.docx​Common Motor Requirements for Utility Equipment​10/1/2012
33 05 23.13.docx​Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling​9/1/2015
33 05 23.16.docx​Pipe Jacking​9/1/2015
​33 05 23.20.docx​Pipe Bursting​9/1/2015
33 07 00.docx​Utility Insulation​2/27/2014
33 08 00.docx​Commissioning of Utilities​2/24/2015
33 11 00.docx​Water Utility Distribution Piping​9/1/2015
33 30 00.docx​Sanitary Sewerage Utilities​9/1/2015
33 40 00.docx​Storm Drainage Utilities​11/23/2021
33 50 00.docx​Fuel Distribution Utilities​10/1/2012
33 56 10.docx​Fuel Storage Tank Demolition​10/1/2012
33 56 13.docx​Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks​10/1/2012
​33 56 16.docx​Below-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks​10/1/2012
​33 61 13.docx
Chilled Water and Condenser Water Utilities
33 63 13.docx
Hydronic Heating and Steam Utilities
33 65 00.docx
Thermal Utilities12/19/2022

Utilities - Master Details - Division 33

File NameFile TitleRev. Date
Air Release Valve Pit.dwg
​Air Release Valve Pit CAD Detail
​Air Release Valve Pit.pdf
​Air Release Valve Pit PDF Detail
Detail HP-A.dwgSteam Box Conduit CAD Details11/18/2022
Detail HP-B.dwgSteam Distribution Piping CAD Details11/10/2022
Detail HP-C.dwg​Steam Distribution Piping CAD Details​10/2/2015
Detail HP-D.dwg​Stack Sampling Platform CAD Details​10/1/2012
Detail HP-E.dwg​Misc. Heating Plant CAD Details​10/1/2012
Detail HP-F.dwg​Utility Waterproofing CAD Details11/18/2022
Fire Hydrant Installation.dwg
​Fire Hydrant Installation CAD Detail
Fire Hydrant Installation.pdf
​Fire Hydrant Installation PDF Detail
Sanitary Sewer Manhole.dwg
​Sanitary Sewer Manhole CAD Detail
Sanitary Sewer Manhole.pdf
​Sanitary Sewer Manhole PDF Detail
Standard Gate Valve Box Setting.dwg
​Standard Gate Valve Box Setting CAD Detail
Standard Gate Valve Box Setting.pdf
​Standard Gate Valve Box Setting PDF Detail
Standard Sewer Lateral.dwg
​Standard Sewer Lateral CAD Detail
​Standard Sewer Lateral.pdf
​Standard Sewer Lateral PDF Detail
Standard Water Main Trench Section.dwg
​Standard Water Main Trench Section CAD Detail
​Standard Water Main Trench Section.pdf
​Standard Water Main Trench Section PDF Details
​Storm Inlet.dwg
​Storm Inlet CAD Detail
​Storm Inlet.pdf
​Storm Inlet PDF Detail
Storm Manhole.dwg
​Storm Manhole CAD Detail
​Storm Manhole.pdf
​Storm Manhold PDF Detail
Thrust Blocking.dwg
​Thrust Blocking CAD Detail
Thrust Blocking.pdf
​Thrust Blocking PDF Detail
Tracer Wire.dwg
​Tracer Wire CAD Detail
Tracer Wire.pdf
​Tracer Wire PDF Detail
Utility Pipe Insulation.dwg
​Utility Pipe Insulation CAD Detail
Utility Pipe Insulation.pdf
​Utility Pipe Insulation PDF Detail
Water Branch Service Pipe Tap.dwg
​Water Branch Service Pipe Tap CAD Detail
​Water Branch Service Pipe Tap.pdf
​Water Branch Service Pipe Tap PDF Detail