500-Series: Exceptions, Waivers & Special Handling

This section of the Manual focuses on special considerations in Ch. 16 procurement law and related regulations, including but not limited to various waiver methods and handling of certain commodity and service categories.


PRO-501  Waiver of Bidding Process

PRO-502  Collaborative Contracting: Piggybacking and the Use of Contracts with Other Authorities

PRO-503  Emergency Procurement

PRO-504  Grants and Other Non-Procurement Transactions

PRO-505  Printing Procurement Policy and Procedure

PRO-506  Procurement and Leasing of Motor Vehicles

PRO-507  Procurement from Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises

PRO-508  Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Procurements

PRO-509  Sourcing with Work Centers

PRO-510  Procurement of Equipment: Energy-Efficient and Graphic Reproduction

PRO-511  Legal Services

PRO-512  Services Requiring Special Approval Authority: Banking and Security Services

PRO-513  Procurement Considerations in Facilities-Related Projects and Leasing of Space

PRO-514  Travel and Conference-Related Procurement