PRO-509 Sourcing with Work Centers


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    The purpose of this policy is to define the authority for the State Use Program, the role of the State Use Board, and establish procedures for doing business with certified work centers (WC) participating in the program.


    The State Use law requires agencies to procure needed goods or services from certified work centers.

    State Use Board

    The State Use Board provides general oversight of the program through its duties as provided in §16.752(2), Wis. Stats. The Governor appoints members to the State Use Board in accordance with §15.105(22), Wis. Stats..

    State Use Program

    Per §16.752(12), Wis. Stats., state agencies must purchase certain products and services from Wisconsin's certified work centers employing persons with severe disabilities. The State Use Program was created to administer the law that provides state agencies with a fair price, good quality and on-time delivery. The State Use Program is administered by the Department of Administration through the State Bureau of Procurement (Bureau). Questions can be directed to

    State Use Directory

    A directory of WCs certified to do business under the program, and the goods/services covered by existing WCs, can be found on the State Use Program website at Agencies will refer to this directory when executing purchases at all purchasing levels.

    Work Center Contracts

    The Bureau administers statewide contracts with certain WCs. An agency may award also a contract or continue to contract with a WC under conditions outlined herein. For any work center contract to be established or terminated, approval by the State Use Board is required.

    Exclusions and Other Considerations

    This policy does not apply to the following goods, services or transaction types:

    • Non-procurement transactions. See PRO-504, Grants and Other Non-Procurement Transactions.
    • Construction contracts that are subject to 16.855 or 66.0901, Wis. Stats..
    • Purchase of printing, stationary and signage. See PRO-505, Printing Procurement Policy and Procedure and PRO-310, Procurement of Signage.
    • Purchase of vehicles, legal services, general waivers, non-competitive negotiation, or emergency procurements. See PRO-210, Request for Purchasing Authority (RPA) Policy and Procedure.
    • Purchases from the industries of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. See PRO-507, Procurement from Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises.
    • Purchases from existing mandatory statewide contracts with suppliers that are not WCs. See PRO-402, Statewide Contracts: Standards and Utilization. If an existing vendor will lose more than 15% of its gross yearly sales or production upon loss of a contract, the contract will be exempt from the WC program.

    These requirements do not preclude the need to meet all policies and procedures related to the purchase of contractual services, where applicable. See PRO-204, Contractual Services Procurement.

    Contracts awarded to WCs do not require a public/legal notice.


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    PRO-509 Sourcing with Work Centers