PRO-503 Emergency Procurement








    The purpose of this policy is to define conditions of and official procedure for authorizing a procurement pursuant to an emergency.


    Emergency procurement procedures can be authorized under an emergency, defined as a situation which:

    • Threatens the public health, safety, or welfare; and all of the following conditions exist: was unforeseen; calls for immediate action; and cannot be responded to using established procurement methods; or

    • Exists as the result of a declaration by the governor, under s. 323.10, Wis. Stats..

    The existence of an emergency situation does not preclude the use of the competitive bidding process in its entirety. Agencies will obtain such competition as is practical under the circumstances. See PRO-301, Competitive Procurement Policy.

    This policy does not apply to the purchase of printing or stationary. See PRO-505, Printing Procurement Policy and Procedure.

    This policy does not apply to emergency services and materials required to mitigate losses covered under the state’s self-funded insurance program. Questions about this program will be directed to the applicable agency risk manager or the Bureau of State Risk Management.


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PRO-503 Emergency Procurement