PRO-510 Procurement of Equipment: Energy-Efficient and Graphic Reproduction



    The purpose of this policy is to establish official procedure for the procurement of certain equipment related to graphic reproduction processes, and equipment with energy efficiency requirements.


    Special approval processes and requirements apply to the purchase of certain equipment, and state agencies will adhere to them.

    Graphic Reproduction Equipment

    Graphic reproduction equipment means equipment used for printing or graphic reproduction by an agency or campus providing these services for its own convenience or that of another agency or campus. This includes, but is not limited to photocopiers, printers, proofing equipment, prepress equipment, and CTP (computer to plate) equipment.

    Procurement of graphic reproduction equipment valued over the official sealed bidding threshold must adhere to the passive approval procedure outlined herein.

    A purchase/lease from a current statewide contract, and/or equipment used for instructional printing for students at UW campuses, is excluded from this requirement.

    Energy Efficient Equipment

    Energy-consuming equipment is any equipment designed for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water heating or cooling, lighting, refrigeration, or any other function, and that consumes energy.

    Procurement of energy-consuming equipment valued over the best judgment threshold must adhere to the energy consumption and efficiency standards as prescribed by the Department of Administration, Division of State Facilities Development and Management, and the procedures outlined herein.

    Solicitations for Equipment

    It is practical and, in most cases, appropriate to use life cycle cost methodologies as the basis for awards of competitive solicitations for graphic reproduction and/or energy-consuming equipment. See PRO-208, Life Cycle Costing.


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PRO-510 Procurement of Equipment: Energy-Efficient and Graphic Reproduction