PRO-514 Travel and Conference-Related Procurement

Section​ ​Title
​​PRO-D-32; 33
(Various Dates)


    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for travel-related purchasing and the procurement procedures for conferences or other similar agency events.


    When state funds, or funds processed through state accounts are used, procurement rules apply to the purchase of travel for an individual and purchases related to group events such as meetings, trainings and conferences (Group Event). This includes but is not limited to planning and purchasing of meeting rooms, air transportation, lodging, food, beverages and related services, ground transportation, audio visual equipment and other requirements for travel or events.

    This policy excludes student-funded athletic travel and student-funded recreational travel.

    Uniform Travel Schedule Amounts (UTSA)

    In addition to applicable purchasing rules, travel and conference-related expenses are governed by the limits and conditions of the State of Wisconsin Compensation Plan, Section F, UTSA. Employees will also follow all, more stringent, policies and procedures of their agency.

    Use of State Resources

    State-owned fleet vehicles will be used before the in-state rental car contract(s) whenever possible. State-owned or leased facilities will be used for events whenever possible. See PRO-513, Procurement Considerations in Facilities-Related Projects and Leasing of Space.


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PRO-514 Travel and Conference-Related Procurement