PRO-508 Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Procurements







    The purpose of this policy is to establish pre-approval requirements and official procedure for certain information technology (IT) and telecommunications procurement contracts.

    Agencies are advised that the scope of this policy covers only those approvals that overlap between the Division of Enterprise Technology (Division) and the State Bureau of Procurement (Bureau). Agencies are responsible for ensuring any other policies set by the Division that are unrelated to procurement are also complied with.


    The Department of Administration, Division of Enterprise Technology (Division), develops policy and procedure to ensure a coordinated cost-effective approach to information technology and telecommunications system acquisition and use, and reviews acquisitions in these categories to ensure operational efficiency and consistency with goals and objectives. The scope of IT and telecommunications are defined in PRO-101, Procurement Definitions and Thresholds.

    Pursuant to §16.971(2), the Division manages procedures to ensure agency IT and telecommunication purchases are timely, cost-effective, and good management practices are employed in IT contracting.

    For large IT or telecommunications contracts, or for those that are vital to the functions of an agency, the Division also ensures those purchases are made in alignment with the statewide strategic IT plan and established standards. See PRO-101 for the large IT/high-risk and telecommunication purchasing thresholds.

    The Division, in partnership with the Bureau, exercises certain review and approval processes for IT and telecommunications procurements. The procedures outlined herein apply to transactions within specified thresholds whether or not they are made against existing contracts.


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PRO-508 Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Procurements