PRO-507 Procurement from Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises

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    The purpose of this policy is to establish requirements and official procedure related to procurement of goods and services provided by the Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises, doing business as Badger State Industries or Badger State Logistics.


    Pursuant to s. 16.75(3t)(c), the Department of Corrections (DOC) will provide a current list of all goods and services supplied by their Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE), Badger State Industries (BSI) and/or Badger State Logistics (BSL). This list is available at See PRO-417, Purchasing from E-Commerce Systems, Materials Distribution Services and Badger State Logistics.

    Agencies must advise employees that the purchasing statutes provide penalties for failure to adhere to statutory requirements or to follow proper procedures, including but limited to purchases with BCE. See PRO-106, Prior Approval of Purchases/Unauthorized Purchases. 

    All goods and services that are available from BCE/BSI must be purchased from them if all the following conditions are present ("right of first refusal"):
    1. Goods/services conform to the agency’s specifications;
    2. Goods/services can be provided in accordance with the agency’s specified timeline; and
    3. Price is comparable to that which could be obtained through competitive bidding/proposals ("market price").


    Certain forms are excluded from the requirements to purchase from BCE as provided in Section II, A below.

    While BCE provides signage, they are not offered a right of first refusal for the purchase of signs. See PRO-310, Procurement of Signs.

    The provisions of this policy do not apply if a separate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been mutually negotiated between DOC and any state agency. In those cases, the specific terms and conditions agreed upon in the MOU will prevail.


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PRO-507 Procurement From Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises​​