400-Series: Contract Administration & Transactions

This section of the Manual covers the requirements for proper contract administration, as well as procedures for executing purchasing transactions, disposal and spend management.


PRO-401Basic Contract Eligibility

PRO-402  Statewide Contracts: Standards and Utilization

PRO-403  Non-Discrimination and Contract Compliance

PRO-404  Standard Terms and Conditions

PRO-405  Contract Administration

PRO-406  Contract Funding

PRO-407  Pricing and Discounts

PRO-408  Purchase Requisitions, Orders and Methods of Payment

PRO-409  Prompt Payment Policy

PRO-410  Purchasing Card

PRO-411  Contract Cancellation and Termination Procedures

PRO-412  Receiving and Acceptance of Purchased Goods and Services

PRO-413  Reporting Supplier Complaints

PRO-414  Lease and Rental Agreements

PRO-415  Vendor Collection of Sales and Use Tax; Agency Tax Exemption and Payments of Certain Taxes

PRO-416  Surplus Property

PRO-417  Purchasing from E-Commerce Systems, Materials Distribution Services and Badger State Logistics

PRO-418  Extended Period Contracts

PRO-419  Prohibited Boycotts in State Contracting