PRO-417 Purchasing from E-Commerce Systems, Materials Distribution Services and Badger State Logistics

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    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to agencies and campuses on the proper use of the state’s electronic commerce/catalog system, WisBuy, as well as central agency stores, Materials Distribution Services (MDS) and Badger State Logistics (BSL).


    For certain statewide and select agency contracts, electronic commerce systems are used to take and manage orders for commonly purchased goods and services. Select goods are also available and must be purchased through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Badger State Logistics (BSL).


    The State Bureau of Procurement (Bureau) supports an electronic commerce/catalog system called WisBuy. Statewide contracts for commonly purchased goods and services are enabled on WisBuy to allow for a more streamlined online shopping and ordering process on state contracts.

    Agencies will use WisBuy as directed by the Bureau. University of Wisconsin campuses and municipalities have the option to use WisBuy.

    Materials Distribution Services (MDS)

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison administers MDS.

    MDS is located in Verona, WI and stocks approximately 200 high-volume items largely in office supplies, office paper, janitorial supplies, laboratory supplies and maintenance items. 

    MDS utilizes an eCommerce system called Shop@UW to list and distribute their products to the University of Wisconsin Madison and the other UW System campuses. Information about MDS and Shop@UW is available at  

    Badger State Logistics (BSL)

    The Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Bureau of Correctional Enterprises administers BSL. BSL is located in Waupun, Wisconsin. BSL is the source for supply for items that include but are not limited to toilet tissue, paper towels, cups, napkins, can liners, motor oils and lubes, bagged water softener salt, and ice melter. 

    Contracts impacted by BSL will direct agencies and campuses, where appropriate, to BSL as the first source of supply for select goods.

    Both MDS and BSL operations are funded by program revenues (offset costs with an add-on to their cost of goods).

    Both have the option of stocking goods from select Bureau statewide contracts, allowing these operations/warehouses to be considered acceptable alternative sources for commodities on statewide contracts. See PRO-402, Statewide Contracts: Standards and Utilization.

    Both MDS and BSL may sell to any tax supported entity located within the boundaries of the State of Wisconsin: federal, state, county, municipal or public-school district.


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PRO-417 Purchasing from E-Commerce Systems, Materials Distribution Services and Badger State Logistics