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    The purpose of this policy is to establish official procedure for the federal property program, designation and disposal of state surplus and replacement property of all types, and special considerations for vehicles.


    The State Surplus Property Program (SSPP) and Wisconsin’s participation in the Federal Surplus Property Program is administered by the Department of Administration (DOA), State Bureau of Procurement (Bureau). The SSPP is responsible for developing and implementing policies for acquiring federal surplus property and disposing of state surplus property, surplus state vehicles and related equipment.

    State Surplus Property Program

    Depending upon what the item is, agencies have several options to dispose of state surplus property. Agencies will ensure property is disposed of in accordance with policy by identifying staff with surplus management responsibilities and/or working closely with the SSPP.

    Surplus Vehicles

    Procurement and disposal requirements for vehicles requires special handling. In addition to the requirements set forth herein, see PRO-506, Procurement of Motor Vehicles for procurement requirements.

    Federal Property Program

    The Federal Property Program solicits and obtains equipment and supplies that are surplus to the needs of federal government agencies and makes the equipment and supplies available to Wisconsin state agencies and municipalities for a service fee. Cost savings may be realized by purchasing equipment and supplies through the Federal Property Program.

    Since purchases made through the Federal Property Program are transactions between agencies of government, the bidding process is not required. See PRO-504, Grants and Other Non-Procurement Transactions.

    Special Categories of Surplus

    Existing specific state statues prevail over general statutes, such as s. 16.72(4)(b), and over the scope of this policy. Agencies will determine if their surplus falls under the authority of a more specific statute. Current examples include but may not be limited to §346.65(6)(g) related to proceeds from seized vehicles; §40.01(2) related to employee trust fund usage; and §125.14(2)(e) related to proceeds from alcohol seizures.

    University of Wisconsin Surplus with a Purpose (SWAP) Program

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s SWAP is available to all agencies for the disposal of any property with the potential for reuse, repair or high-grade salvage such as electronics (e.g., computers). Property disposed through SWAP will be reported by the originating owner agency.

    Questions regarding the handling of state surplus property and the Federal Property Program will be referred to the Bureau Surplus Property Program.


    Donations to nonprofit corporations (organizations) must be advertised (such as, in a newspaper of general circulation, internet announcement, or bulletin board posting) and the donation must occur in a competitive manner. No single nonprofit corporation (organization) may be singled out for donation. Verification of nonprofit status may be required.
    Donations of state property to private individuals, for-profit organizations or state employees are prohibited.


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PRO-416 Surplus Property