​Wisconsin Great Lakes Chronicle (2002-2023)

The Chronicle is an annual publication highlighting successful grant projects, current coastal management issues and initiatives in Wisconsin. Search by category using the Great Lakes Chronicle Directory.



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​Great Lakes Chronicle Compendium

Wisconsin’s location between Lakes Superior and Michigan has long played a vital role in shaping our state. For 40 years, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program has worked with state, local and tribal government agencies and organizations to preserve and protect this crucial resource. Since 2002, it has published essays by coastal management practitioners in its annual Wisconsin Great Lakes Chronicle. This compendium brings 120 selected essays together in one book to share thoughtful analysis on issues affecting Wisconsin’s Great Lakes shorelines and communities.​​

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​Wisconsin Coastal Zone Management Factsheet (2003-2018)

State coastal programs have managed this vital resource since passage of the Coastal Zone Management Act in 1972, coordinating and balancing the needs of diverse stakeholders. From shipping lanes and ports, to bike lanes and parks, our coasts provide resources for a vast range of competing interests vital to our way of life. These annual reports (Coastal Fact Sheets), prepared in partnership with the Coastal States Organization, include priorities, needs, how funds were spent and who received the funds.

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