Contact Information

Mailing Address

101 E Wilson Street, 9th floor
P.O. Box 8944
Madison, WI 53708-8944

Phone Number

(608) 267-7982

Coastal Management Staff

Michael Friis

Program Manager
Public Access, Wetland Protection, and Land Use Planning Coordinator
(608) 267-7982

Kathleen Angel

Federal Consistency and Coastal Hazards Coordinator
(608) 267-7988

Todd Breiby

Coastal Nonpoint Control and Education Coordinator
(608) 261-6349

Lauren Leckwee

Habitat Restoration and Environmental Compliance Coordinator
(608) 267-2125

Adam Bechle

Coastal Management Post-Doc Associate
(608) 261-2875

Yi Liu

J. Philip Keillor Coastal Management Sea Grant Fellow
(608) 266-3687