Division 1 - Bidding, Contracting, and General Requirement Documents - Master Specifications

​​Bidding, Contracting, and General Requirements​​

File NameFile TitleRev. Dat​e
​Major Projects-Manual for Preparation of MEP Specifications (Front End)​7/2023 - minor format revisions
​Major Projects-Manual for Preparation of GPC Specifications (Front End)​

7/2023 - minor format revisions
​Major Projects-Manual for Preparation of Asbestos Abatement Contractor (AAC) Specifications (Front End)7​/2023 - minor format revisions
Technical Specification Title Page & TOC Template.docx
​Technical Specification Title Page & Table of Contents Template
MEPSpecForms.pdf​MEP Preprinted (Read-Only) documents-PDF format to be inserted in spec by AE8/2022
GPCSpecForms.pdf​GPC Preprinted (Read-Only) documents-PDF format to be inserted in spec by AE8/2022
AACSpecForms.pdf​AAC Preprinted (Read-Only) d​ocuments-PDF format to be inserted in spec by AE​8/2022​
Construction Addendum Template.docx
Construction Addendum Template​1/2023
​​Preparation of Addenda Instructions
​Construction Addenda Preparation Instructions
ProjSign-Comb.pdf​Project Sign-Appendix1- Adobe PDF​1/7/2019
SubmittalLog.xlsx​Submittal Log​2/18/2014
​DHS Contractor Req.pdf
​DHS - Contractor Site Access and Working Requirements​7/1/2022​
​DOC Contractor Req.docx
​DOC - Contractor Site Access and Working Requirements (Men, Women, Juvenile)​2/15/2019
DOC Security Clear.docx
​DOC Security Clearance Background Check 
IE8_Sec_Ins.pdf​IE8 Security Instructions​12/27/2012

General - Master Specifications - Division 01​

File NameFile TitleRev. Date
01 33 00.docx​Electronic Submittal Procedures​6/25/2015
01 74 19.docx​Construction Waste Management​1/1/2022
​01 91 01.docx​Commissioning Process - Level One​3/1/2014
​01 91 02.docx​Commissioning Process - Level Two​3/1/2014
Commissioning Log.pdf​Commissioning Log - Sample​10/1/2012
Commissioning RFS.docx​Commissioning - Request for Services​10/1/2012
​Const Checklists.zipConstruction Verification Checklists - For use on projects before 10-17-12 ​7/8/2008
Functional Tests.zip ​Functional Performance Tests - For use on projects before 10-17-12 ​7/8/2008