Division 01 - General

​​​​​​​​DISC​​​​LAIMER: These files are intended for use by consultants to the State of Wisconsin and by others for construction and remodeling of State owned facilities. The State of Wisconsin bears no liability nor responsibility for any other use of these files.​

At the ​start of each project, consultants must download the current revision of all files that apply to the project. 

Multiple files may be downloaded simultaneously using DFD's File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. To access the FTP site, open your File Explorer program and type ftp://doaftp1380.wi.gov/master_spec​ into the address bar. Please note that Division 01 files are not available on the FTP site.

​General Requirements for Projects Exceeding $600,000

Documents for projects of $600,000 or less are available on the Small Projec​t Program webpage.


​​Re​​​vision Date​

AAC Front End Specifications


AAC Forms (insert into the AAC Front End Specifications)​


GPC Front End Specifications


GPC ​Forms (insert into the GPC Front End Specifications)


MEP Front End Specifications


MEP Forms (insert into the MEP Front End Specifications)


Technical Specification Title Page and Table of Contents


Construction Adden​dum Template


Construction Addenda Instructions


Project Sign


Submittal Log



​​​A​​​gency Requirements​


​Revision Date

Department of Corrections - Contractor Site Access and Working Requirements


Department of Corrections - Guide for Volunteers and Contractors


Department of Corrections - Business and Professional Visitors Form


Department of Health Services - Contractor Site Access and Working Requirements




​​Revision Date

​​​01 33 00 - Electronic S​ubmittal Procedur​es


01 74 19 - Construction Waste Management


01 91 01 - Level One ​Commissioning Process


01 91 02 - Level Two Commissioning Process


Request for Commissioning Services


Sample Commissioning Log


Construction Verification Checklists (for use on projects before 10/17/2012)


Functional Performance Tests (for use on projects before 10/17/2012)​