Wisconsin State Capitol Police: What We Do

What we Do

Located in downtown Madison, The Wisconsin State Capitol Police Department has statewide jurisdiction to serve the approximately 35,000 employees of the State of Wisconsin. The Capitol Police has two distinct bureaus: the Bureau of Patrol Operations and the Bureau of Specialized Services. Together, Capitol Police officers, detectives, and supporting staff provide safety, security, and police response at 61 state facilities between Madison and Milwaukee. 

Bureau of Patrol Operations​

The Bureau of Patrol Operations includes the uniformed officers many of you see daily inside the State Capitol. In addition to our presence in the Capitol, our patrol officers conduct routine patrols and provide the primary response to calls for service in 61 state facilities located between Madison and Milwaukee. In addition to our typical police and security services, Capitol Police also supports and ensures safety at special events, including the Dane County Farmer’s Market, Concerts on the Square, Taste of Madison, and Art Fair on the Square. We also support various state office buildings outside of our primary response areas with services such as providing comprehensive security assessments. ​​

Executive Residence Detail: 

The Executive Residence Detail (ERD) is a specialized team of sworn WI State Capitol police officers, known as Dignitary Specialists. This detail is responsible for the security at the WI Executive Residence​, including the Governer and thier family, staff, visitors to the residence, and the property itself. Specialists on this team are trained and equipped to deter and detect a variety of criminal activities, including intrusion onto the property, while ensuring the day-to-day business of the residence can be conducted.​​ For more information on public events please visit the WI Executive Residence Visiting and Tours page. ​

As part of our Executive Residence Detail, our K-9 team is comprised of a handler, Sergeant Mickael Price, and his K-9 partner, Yachi.  Yachi is the first K-9 in the State of Wisconsin to be trai​ned in vapor wake. Yachi is trained to take constant odor samples of her environme​nt and the environment which surrounds a person and/or object. This training allows Yachi to work independently of her handler rather than be dependent on handler direction. With this training Yachi is able to locate and follow a subject through large crowds until the subject is identified by her handler, and rewards her. This is what separates her from a traditional explosive detection dog. This makes Yachi uniquely qualified to conduct explosive searches of crowds during large scale events.  Yachi has been used for protective sweeps, bomb threats, suspicious packages or area searches for the presence of an explosive, firearm or ammunition round (both live and spent). Yachi is available for state wide requests for service.

Bureau of Specialized Services

​The Bureau of Specialized Services includes a 24/7 Communications Center, an Infrastructure Security Unit, and a Criminal Investigations Unit. The Communication Center dispatchers monitor alarms from 302 facilities across the State, from Waukesha to La Cross, all the way to Madeline Island. The Infrastructure Security Unit plans, installs, and maintains access control systems, building automations, and a network of security cameras. 

The Bureau of Specialized Services is also responsible for sending out emergency notifications through the RAVE Alert system. These include active threats, evacuations, severe weather notices and other critical announcements.

Communications Unit: 

Our Communications Center receives telephone calls and dispatches officers to calls for service, but they additionally monitor alarms of various types from 302 facilities across the state. From Waukesha to La Crosse, all the way to Madeline Island, our professional dispatchers are orchestrating police, fire, EMS, and maintenance calls 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Criminal Investigations Unit: 

Our Criminal Investigations Unit is a team of three detectives who are dedicated to solving more complex cases. They work in collaboration with our law enforcement partners at the local, state, federal, and tribal levels. Some important services our investigation’s unit offers are providing intelligence briefings and bulletins, monitoring for threats to elected officials and state employees, and serving as the liaison to the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center, WI Department of Justice, the Wisconsin National Guard, and state Emergency Police Services. 

Infrastructure Security Unit: ​

Our Infrastructure Security Unit is comprised of electronic security systems managers, electronics technicians, and a locksmith. They plan, install, and maintain access control systems, building automations, and a network of security cameras throughout the state.

Unmanned Aircraft/Drone Unit: ​

The Wisconsin State Capitol Police operates an unmanned aircraft "drone" system as a tool for a variety of applications.  These applications include assisting the Department of Administration and other state, local, and tribal agencies with aerial photography of post-disaster damage assessments (e.g. flooding​ and tornadoes), searches for missing persons, documentation of crime scenes, traffic incident management, and other events ​​​​which may benefit from an aerial overview. 

The aircraft can transmit live video feeds and photos to remote users, such as those in the State Emergency Operations Center, providing a high-degree of incident awareness and assessment to state decision makers. 
The Wisconsin State Capitol Police has highly trained, experienced, and FAA licensed unmanned airc
raft pilots. Our program coordinator and pilots are the subject matter experts for other public safety agencies throughout the State of Wisconsin on this topic.

Wisconsin Drone Network

The Wisconsin State Capitol Police is co-chair of the Wisconsin Emergency Management Air Coordination Group.  Our role is to coordinate information between any agency who request emergency air support from an unmanned aircraft (“drone”), and a network of public safety agencies who ar​e willing to fulfill those requests with remote pilots, crew, and aircraft.  Safety, and therefore training, is the first priority of the Wisconsin Drone Network. Wisconsin State Capitol Police personnel worked to develop the first State of Wisconsin recognized public safety drone pilot certification standard.

Click Here to download the Call-Out Procedures Poster for Communications Centers / EOC 

Click Here to apply to participate in the WI Drone Network (open to all public safety drone pilots)