Wisconsin State Capitol Police Management Team

​The Executive Management Team shares a common philosophy about being successful in law enforcement; provide excellent customer service by providing compassionate law enforcement efforts, foster a work environment that attracts and retains the most professional law enforcement, and support personnel interested in a law enforcement career. We share a passion for using the taxpayers' money in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Supervisory Management Team shares the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the department. This team consists of law enforcement professionals who share a common passion for treating all people with dignity and respect while allowing everyone their freedom of speech in a safe and secure open government venue.

Executive Management Team

Hogan photo.jpgDavid M. Erwin, Chief

Chief Erwin began his law enforcement career in 1996 when he joined the Wisconsin State Patrol, where he served in a variety of general patrol duties, investigative assignments, and Master Instructor in Defense and Arrest Tactics as well as a Unified Tactical Instructor. He was promoted through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant (Dignitary Protection and Air Support Unit), and Captain (Commander of the WI State Patrol’s Dignitary Protection Unit).

In July, 2012 Chief Erwin started his career with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police.

Prior to his service in law enforcement, Chief Erwin had nearly 11 years of military service in the United States Marine Corps where he was an Instructor Sergeant with expertise in M1A1 Battle Tank repair, service, and program development.

Chief Erwin is a member of the National Governors Security Association and International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) where he was trained in Leadership in Police Organizations in 2010. Chief Erwin earned his Associates Degree in Police Science, graduated class of 1996 with outstanding student award at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.


Hogan photo.jpgChristopher M. Litzkow, Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Litzkow started his career with the City of Jefferson Police Department in 2013. He joined Wisconsin State Capitol Police in 2014 where he served in a variety of assignments including: Patrol Officer, Detective, Sergeant, and Lieutenant of Specialized Services. In 2023, he was promoted to his current assignment, Deputy Chief of Police. 

Deputy Chief Litzkow is certified by the WI DOJ as a Firearms and Professional Communications instructor. He is co-chair of the Wisconsin Air Coordination Group and founded the Wisconsin Drone Network.​ Deputy Chief Litzkow is a 2016 graduate of the Leadership in Police Organizations course, a 2019 graduate of the Wisconsin Command College and is a Wisconsin Certified Public Manager (CPM). ​

Hogan photo.jpgAbby S. Onsgard, Captain 

Captain Abby Onsgard began her law enforcement career in 2012 as a deputy for Dane County Sheriff’s Office and joined Wisconsin State Capitol Police in 2013 as a detective in the Criminal Investigation Unit. She was promoted to the rank of Police Captain in February 2024, and represents our department on county-wide teams such as Crisis Intervention (CIT), Human Trafficking, and Sexual Assault Response (SART). Captain Onsgard is certified thr​ough WI Dep​ar​tment of Justice as an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) and Master CPR Instructor. She has attended numerous specialized training courses and provides instruction for state employees and new officers on topics such as crisis intervention, sexual assault, evidence, CPR, interview and interrogation, and report writing.​

Lieutenant Mickael Price.jpg

Mickael L. Price, Lieutenant - Bureau of Specialized Services

Lieutenant Price serves as the Specialized Services Lieutenant where he oversees the Communications Center, Criminal Investigations Unit, Executive Residence Detail, Infrastructure Security Unit, and K-9 Unit. Lieutenant Price began his law enforcement career with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police in 2013 on third shift patrol and, after being promoted to sergeant in 2016, led third shift patrol, Infrastructure Security Unit, Executive Residence Detail, and Criminal Investigations Unit. He also serves as the agency's K-9 handler with his partner K-9 Yachi, an explosives detection dog. Lieutenant Price is an instructor for vehicle contacts and a 2017 graduate of the Leadership in Police Organizations course .

Lieutenant Michael Harmatys.pngMichael J. Harmatys, Lieutenant - Bureau of Patrol Operations

​Lieutenant Harmatys serves as the Patrol Operations Lieutenant where he oversees the Madison and Milwaukee patrol units. He began his career with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police in 2017 as a patrol officer on first shift. He was promoted to the rank of Detective in 2020, Sergeant in January 2021, and Detective Sergeant in April 2023. Prior to his law enforcement career, Lieutenant Harmatys obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees in science education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Lieutenant Harmatys is a graduate of the Leadership in Police Organizations course and Officer Development Program. He is a member of the Crisis Intervention Team and teaches various topics in the interdepartmental training academy. He is a people-focused leader with highly effective leadership skills and a talent for motivating others.

Supervisory Management Team

Hogan photo.jpgAdam G. Haas, Sergeant - First Shift Patrol

Sergeant Haas serves as first shift Madison sector Patrol Sergeant.​  Prior to his law enforcement career, Sgt. ​Haas studied Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He began his career with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police in 2015 as a patrol officer on second shift. Sgt. Haas was promoted to the Dignitary Protection Unit, where he traveled with and provided protection for the Lieutenant Governor.  He is a member of the department’s Crisis Intervention Team, Honor Guard, and was a Field Training Officer on second shift. Sgt. Haas also worked as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Unit before being promoted to the rank of Sergeant in November 2018. Sgt. Haas is an instructor for Firearms, Taser, and Emergency Vehicle Operations and Control.

Sergeant John Calhoun.jpgJohn A. Calhoun, Sergeant - Second Shift Patrol

Sergeant Calhoun serves as second shift Madison sector Patrol Sergeant. Sgt. Calhoun began his law enforcement career with the United States Air Force from 1994-2014. Sgt. Calhoun began his civilian law enforcement career with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department in 1998 and then moved onto Jackson County Missouri Sheriff’s Office. In November 2011, Sgt. Calhoun started with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police Department as a patrol officer and he was promoted to Sergeant in May 2023. Sgt. Calhoun is the Fleet Asset Manager, Field Training O​fficer, Crisis Intervention Team member, Honor Guard and Drone Operations Unit member. ​Sergeant Calhoun has a family history of 55 years of Capitol Police service.  

Sergeant Wes Starkey.pngWesley E Starkey, Sergeant - Third Shift Patrol​

Sergeant Starkey serves as third shift Madison sector Patrol Sergeant. Sgt. Starkey started his law enforcement career in 2000 with the Winona Police Department and the Winona County Sheriff’s Department. In 2003, Sgt. Starkey started with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department serving in jail, dispatch, road patrol, and as a supervisor. Sgt. Starkey served as a road patrol Sergeant for over six years as well as a team leader for the Richland County Special Response Team. Sgt. Starkey has many certifications such as field training officer, evidence technician, advanced interviewing and statement analysis, SWAT, and grant management. Sgt. Starkey started with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police in March 2023 and was promoted to sergeant in January 2024. Sgt. Starkey holds a master’s degree in public administration from UW-Oshkosh along with a bachelor’s degree in public administration, and an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

Hogan photo.jpgJustin L. Wichman, Sergeant - Executive Residence Detail

Sergeant Wichman serves as the Executive Residence Detail Sergeant.  Sgt. Wichman began his law enforcement career in 2006 with the Village of Fall River Police Department.  In Oct of 2011, Sgt. Wichman continued his career in law enforcement with Wisconsin State Capitol Police Department. In March 2018 Sgt. Wichman was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is currently oversees the Field Training Program and the Lottery.  Sgt. Wichman is an instructor in Defense and Arrest Tactics (D​AAT), OWI/SFST, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Tactical Response. Sgt. Wichman is also a current member of the National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA).  

Hogan photo.jpgJoe A. Bahr, Sergeant - Milwaukee Division

Sergeant Bahr serves as the Milwaukee sector Patrol Sergeant. Sgt. Bahr began his law enforcement career with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police in 2012. Sgt. Bahr is a Field Training Officer, Background Investigator, PepperBall Instructor and is a Peer Support Team member through the Wisconsin​ Department of Justice. Sgt. Bahr is a member of the department's Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) team. Sgt. Bahr is a 2023 graduate of the Leadership in Police Organizations course.  

Hogan photo.jpgRyan R. Blank, Sergeant - Infrastructure Security Unit

Sergeant Blank serves as Civilian Sergeant, supervising the Infrastructure Security Unit.​ Prior to working in law enforcement he served as Firefighter with the Hokah Fire Department and Campbell Fire Department. Sergeant Blank has been with the Wisconsin State Capitol Police since 2013, where he has served as a dispatcher and field training officer. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in September, 2017.​​​​​

Hogan photo.jpg

James Brooks, Sergeant - C​ommunications Unit

Sergeant James Brooks began his career with Wisconsin State Capitol Police in January, 2000 and has served in dual roles as a police officer and dispatcher since. Prior to working for Capitol Police, Sergeant Brooks was a Jailer at Columbia County in 1998 and a Park Ranger at Yellowstone Lake​ Park in 1999. He has a degree in Police Science from 1996 and attended the Law Enforcement Academy in 1997.