Wisconsin State Capitol Police Mission/Values/Objectives/Policies

Mission Statement

People serving people with dignity and respect, while providing competent and compassionate law enforcement efforts.

Core Values

In addition to our legal and administrative requirements, the Wisconsin State Capitol Police is directed by our core values that guide our division and the behavior of our employees.  These are our values that guide our work and decisions:

  • Human Life - We believe that human life is sacrosanct. We will defend it to the very end. We use the minimum amount of force necessary in all situations that escalate above open dialogue. 

  • Integrity - We believe that integrity is the basis for personal and public trust. We will not compromise others or ourselves. 

  • Diversity - We believe that our diversity is strength, which moves us toward excellence. We recognize and appreciate the ethnic cultures in the department and the community. 

  • Problem Solving - We are accountable for working to help solve neighborhood problems through non-traditional means not limited to the criminal justice system.  

  • Community - We exist to serve the community and the State. Our resources are organized and delivered to meet the needs of the citizens. 

  • Sensitivity - We will be sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients. We will show empathy and caring for victims, complainants, and all people we meet. 

  • Teamwork - We recognize the importance of each employee as an individual and team member. We believe that cooperation among ourselves will enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills and styles to achieve common goals. 


Division Objectives 

The division objectives are to:

  • Create constitutional guarantees for all persons by strategic planning of demonstrations and other large gatherings, respecting the constitutional rights of demonstrators, while providing for the safety of all persons. 

  • Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime. 

  • Assist individuals who cannot care for themselves. Provide aid to people in danger of physical or emotional harm. 

  • Resolve conflict. 

  • Provide for the safety and security of all state employees, legislators, and visitors. 

  • Provide dignitary protection to the Governor, First Family, Lt. Governor and visiting dignitaries. 

  • Ensure the continuation of government. 

  • Identify criminal offenders, criminal activity, and apprehend violators. 

  • Provide traffic law and law enforcement. 

  • Seek justice and participate in the judicial system. 

  • Identify problems that are potentially serious law enforcement or governmental problems and seek resolutions.  

  • Provide other police services to the State of Wisconsin.

In order to achieve the above objectives, our division stands committed to:


  • Provide a continual training program to insure professional competence and development of personal and organizational discipline in order to carry out departmental goals and objectives. Recognize the importance of planning functions to develop programs, which will address major goals and objectives of the department. 

  • Cooperate with related public and private agencies in pursuit of their major goals. 

  • Emphasize a continual willingness to study and initiate new and better police services for the State of Wisconsin.


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