100-Series: Introduction & Procurement Fundamentals

‚ÄčThis section of the Manual provides an introduction to key procurement concepts, definitions and thresholds. Fundamental information related to the core principles of public procurement in Wisconsin, ethical guidelines and more can be found in the 100-series.


PRO-101  Procurement Definitions and Thresholds

PRO-102  Delegation

PRO-103  Procurement Systems and Bidders Lists

PRO-104  NIGP Codes and Standard Coding Structures

PRO-105  Procurement Record Retention and Access

PRO-106  Prior Approval of Purchases/Unauthorized Purchases

PRO-107  Serial Contracting

PRO-108  Endorsement, Testimonial and Promotional Activities

PRO-109  Unlawful Benefits To State Employees & Public Officials

PRO-110  Management Reviews