PRO-102 Delegation




    The scope of this policy is to establish authority to perform and delegate the authority to perform procurement activities, as well as the criteria used by the State Bureau of Procurement (Bureau) to grant state agency delegation.


    Under the statutes, the Bureau establishes rules and procedures that govern the procurement process. Under these rules and procedures, the Bureau purchases, and may delegate to special designated agents, the authority to purchase, all necessary materials, supplies, equipment, permanent property and miscellaneous capital, contractual services and other expenses of a consumable nature for all state offices.

    Delegation to special designated agents is done in writing and such delegation specifies dollar, transaction and commodity parameters within which the agent is authorized to act.

    Actions performed under delegation must conform to the rules and procedures that govern the procurement process. Actions performed under delegation are documented to leave a full audit trail.

    Delegation may be increased, reduced, or withdrawn when deemed appropriate by the Bureau. A transition period will be developed to give all current delegated agencies an opportunity to meet the criteria.

    For definitions and thresholds related to delegation, see PRO-101, Procurement Definitions and Thresholds.

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PRO-102 Delegation

Supplement to PRO-102 Delegation Approval Criteria and Agency Baseline Review