DFD Single Prime Bidding and Contracting

2023 Wisconsin Act 19 made numerous changes to project approval thresholds for State of Wisconsin construction projects. For example, the Small Projects and Simplified Bidding threshold has been increased from $300,000 to $600,000. Many projects in this range will no longer require Single Prime (or Single Trade) Bidding and Contracting, instead they will bid and contract under Small Project and Simplified Bidding procedures.​

In certain instances, these threshold increases may impact contractor certification levels. The DFD Certification team has updated certification levels as appropriate. Contractors do not need to submit for updated certification. Please direct all certification questions to dfdcertification@wisconsin.gov.

The 2013-15 Wisconsin State Budget (2013 Wisconsin Act 20) significantly altered the bidding contracting processes for state construction projects. In summary, it created a mandatory pre-bid contractor certification program and required that all projects over $185,000 (increased to $300,000) are let through single prime bidding and contracting. Under the new laws, all potential bidders must become certif​ied by the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) prior to submitting bids. All bids received from contractors who are not certified will be rejected. Please access the DFD Contractor Certification web page to apply for certification. Please access the links on this page for more information about how projects will be let under the new system.​

NOTICE: The 2017 Wisconsin Act 237 made numerous changes to project approval thresholds and bidding requirements for state construction projects. In summary, effective April 5, 2018, several approval thresholds, including the threshold for small projects and projects requiring single prime bidding and contracting, have increased to $300,000. In addition, effective July 1, 2018, this law creates an exception to single prime contracting for certain construction projects. Under the new law, if 85% or more of the estimated construction cost of a project could be completed by a single trade MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or fire protection) contractor, the Department may bid and contract all work for that construction project directly to a single trade MEP contractor. The changes for single trade contracting take effect for projects advertised for bid after July 1, 2018.