DOA-3803​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Inventory Change Request

  1. Request changes to a box or indexed file. This form is for moving a few specific boxes only.

    • Note: Fields that agencies may update include description, content, date range and event date.

  2. Business/work/program unit move.

    • Note: If moving RDA to a new area within the agency when the inventory should follow, use DOA-3806.

DOA-3804 Inventory Delete Request

  1. Request removal of duplicate inventory labels created in error.

  2. Request removal of inventory from the database.

    • Note: This form is for removal of a few boxes or indexed files only. Inventory removal should be done during the semi-annual disposition cycle. 

DOA-3805 Non-Indexed File Order

  1. Place orders for retrieval of non-indexed files.

    • Note: The vast majority of files housed at the SRC are non-indexed or non-barcoded.

DOA-3806 RDA Change Request

  1. RDA division moves

  2. RDA closures

  3. RDA supersedes

    • Note: Any other changes should be submitted using PRB-001. 

DOA-3807 SRC User Authorization

  1. Request a new user setup.

  2. Remove an existing user.

  3. Change existing user access. 

DOA-3808 Inventory Pickup Request​​

  1. New inventory to send to the SRC.

  2. Returning inventory to the SRC.

  3. Boxes to be confidentially destroyed.