Facilities Management Information Center

The Facilities Management Information Center (FMIC) provides centralized support for Facilities Management functions. The FMIC provides a central clearinghouse for obtaining information for over 30 state facilities managed by the Department of Administration. For example, agency tenant coordinators requesting maintenance, requests for space design services, paid parking services, and booking tours of the State Capitol.​

Facilities Service Requests​

Requests for building services are submitted by tenant coordinators through the FMIC webpage: https://fmic.wisconsin.gov (login required).  An Identity and Access Management (IAM) username and password issued by the DOA Division of Enterprise Technology is required to access the webpage.

State agencies that occupy our facilities have designated one or more employees in each facility to perform the functions of Tenant Coordinators. Tenant Coordinators are authorized to submit web-based maintenance and space design services requests on behalf of their agency.

How do I become a Tenant Coordinator and/or submit facilities service requests?

Please submit the FMIC Access Request Form to FMICAccessRequests@wisconsin.gov

Routine Maintenance

Includes custodial and groundskeeping services, preventative maintenance work, and corrective maintenance when a building component fails to function as designed. These services are completed at no charge.  

Billable Maintenance Services

Work that alters or modifies facility space to better accommodate tenant agency programs, and for maintaining equipment that benefits the tenant agency exclusively, is offered for an additional charge. Here are some examples of maintenance services that are billed back to agencies requesting such services. In addition to the cost of any materials and supplies used in completing a billable service request, the requesting agency is charged for maintenance labor at the following published Labor Charge-Back Rates.

Key Requests

A facility service request shall be submitted by the tenant coordinator through the facility work order portal at https://fmic.wisconsin.gov (login required). The key information shall be supplied in the extra description of the work order: Name of the person the key is to be issued to, Phone Number, Building, Department/Division, Door #, and Key T # if available. Please see the informational instruction sheet for completing key work requests.

Paid Parking

Each agency has a designated Agency Parking Coordinator responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Paid Parking program. Please see the enterprise parking page for information on how employees can apply for a parking permit. For carpool parking, each carpool member shall submit an Alternative Parking Application. Verification of carpool membership is required every quarter. Please see Parking Rules and Procedures​​​ for DOA-owned and leased property. For questions, please contact DOA Parking Management: DOAParkingManagement@wisconsin.gov.