Billable Facility Maintenance Services

“Charge-back” building services are special building services requested by the agency that are provided to
State agency tenants. The costs for these non-routine services will be charged-back to the requesting agency.
The requesting Tenant Coordinator must submit a request via the Facility Information Center for the following non-routine building services:

  • ​Keys for authorized state property items, lost interior door keys, or former state employee’s failure to return assigned keys will result in charges based on the replacement cost and administrative fees.
  • Additional security pass access cards for state employees not issued during initial allocation, or for the replacement of lost security pass access cards, or former state employee’s failure to return security pass access-cards will result in charges based on the current replacement cost and administrative fees.
  • Special Events maintenance and cleaning of all interior areas of the building and exterior areas including grounds, walks, steps, and drives, including trash collection and disposal.
  • Telephone, electrical, data, voice, speakers, microphones, and other communications related equipment and system installation, removal or relocation.
  • Office furniture and special equipment installation, moving, maintenance and repair.
  • Bulletin boards, picture frames, or special fixtures installation or hanging.
  • Providing and installing on office doors special lettering or other approved signage.
  • Repair of state property furnishings, including replacement of furniture parts and casters.
  • Office remodeling other than routine scheduled maintenance.
  • Space improvements to state-owned or leased property, primarily for the benefit of the requesting agency. Special arrangements must be made for contracted services not provided by the state.
  • Movement of agency material and supplies to offices received at building docks.
  • Task lighting for cubicles and offices.
  • Appliance repairs and/or replacement including filter changes.
  • Indoor air quality analysis costs when the issue was due to tenant agency actions/materials.
  • Pest control due to infestations caused by tenant agency actions/materials.
  • Security officer services at lobby or entrance areas.