Division of Facilities Development and Management Charge-Back Rate

Labor rates charged for tenant requested maintenance and construction work performed by the Division of Facilities Development & Management craft and non-craft employees.  For certain types of billable services, tenant agencies in DFDM facilities are billed for the cost of time and materials used in completing the maintenance request.

The labor rates are as follows:

Craft Employees:

 Bricklayer, Carpenter, Tile Setter $52.00 per hour/per worker
 Electrician, Plumber, Steamfitter $57.00 per hour/per worker  
 Painter, Interior Design Services $44.00 per hour/per worker                                                                                          

Non-Craft Employees:

Custodian, Facility Repair Worker, Laborer, Maintenance Mechanic       $35.00 per  hour/per worker                                                     

Locksmith and Electronic or Network Cable Technician                        $41.00 per hour/per worker

These rates are based upon current wages, union agreements and estimated production hours.