December 20, 2016

SBOP Launches Contract Feedback Events

The State Bureau of Procurement is hosting a new teleconference series for users of state contracts. The purpose of these events is to field user questions and get feedback on some of our most utilized statewide contracts. The first teleconference will be focus on the new contract for Copiers and Multifunction Devices. Two sessions are scheduled in January and more will be added based on demand. Users can register for the teleconferences on the SBOP training registration page. It is the Bureau's goal to hold teleconferences for other new contracts as they are awarded. If you have suggestions for these events, we want to hear about it. Please contact Sara Redford, Enterprise IT Sourcing Section Chief, at (608) 267-2706 with suggestions.

'Tis the season...

Best Practices for Dealing with Gifts from Suppliers

This is the time of year when suppliers may want to offer you or your agency a holiday gift of food, flowers or other presents. It is our duty as state officials to avoid the perception of impropriety (PRO-D-8). SBOP has developed the following policy that may be used as a guideline for agencies:

  • Food gifts must be donated to a local food pantry or homeless shelter.

  • Flowers must be donated to assisted living centers, hospitals or other charitable organizations.

  • Gifts that do not have a likely charitable recipient must be returned to the supplier.

Additionally, agencies should follow up with a communication to the supplier to explain the policy, inform what was done with the gift and request that the supplier refrain from sending any gifts in the future.

Training Opportunities

Are you a new purchasing professional or looking to brush up on your procurement skills? SBOP offers a wide range of courses designed to provide you with everything from a basic overview to advanced skills for a variety of topics including:

  • Introduction to the Wisconsin Purchasing Process

  • Writing and Conducting a Request for Bid

  • Writing and Conducting a Request for Proposal

  • Purchasing Printing for the State of Wisconsin

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

  • WISBuy End User Training

  • Contract Administration

  • Negotiating on Behalf of the State of Wisconsin

  • Software Licensing 101

These courses are taught by knowledgeable professionals and offer you an opportunity to network with other procurement professionals. Classes are offered multiple times throughout the year but they fill up fast so reserve your spot today!

You can find a complete listing of courses and register online here.

Please contact Mike Marean, KIT Section Chief, at (608) 267-2715 with questions.

Updated Forms

SBOP maintains an archive of procurement and contract forms for use by agencies. Form DOA-3088, Simplified Bidding Record, has been updated and is available on VendorNet. The updated form features the following changes:

  • A fillable PDF with formulas in the “Total” and “Grand Total” fields

  • Price totals that auto-calculate when item quantities and prices are entered

  • Updated instructions and a reference to PRO-C-8 for guidance

  • Added an Email address field

  • Replaced FEIN number with Supplier ID

  • Created a new field for entering the Bid number separate from the Requisition or Reference number

Feedback regarding the updated Simplified Bidding Record form is welcome. Please direct all inquiries and comments to Terri Hagstrom, Enterprise Sourcing Purchasing Associate, at (608) 266-5669.

Contract Spotlight

Printers and Related Consumables. Contract 505ENT-M12-PRINTERDSK-00 for printers and related consumables will expire on March 7, 2017. A new bid is scheduled to be released in late January. If your agency is interested in serving on the standards committee for this bid, please contact Cort Hoel, IT Acquisitions Analyst, at (608) 266-1725.

Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services. Contract 505ENT-M11-ELEVATORSV-00 for elevator maintenance and repair services will expire on June 30, 2017. A new bid is scheduled to be released in early spring. If your agency is interested in serving on the standards committee for this bid, please contact Mojgan Hall, Procurement Specialist, at (608) 261-6359.

VendorNet - New and Improved

VendorNet provides easy access to a wide variety of information of interest to vendors who wish to provide goods and services to the state as well as state agencies and municipalities. Bidding and the time required to identify new vendors is minimized while vendors are automatically notified of opportunities in their area of interest.

SBOP recently implemented some exciting updates to VendorNet that will enhance functionality and improve user experience including:

  • Bid and contract information are more easily accessible and no longer require a login to view.

  • Improved search capabilities allow users to filter results by agency, agent name, supplier name, or NIGP codes.

The VendorNet team built upon the success of these updates and implemented additional improvements such as:

  • Better print capabilities for bids and contracts.

  • Ability to see commodity codes associated with a company via the Vendor Search.

  • Increased the page size selection for the bid and contract search results to 25, 50 or 100 results per page.

You can explore the new VendorNet 2.0 and find helpful information online including a Vendors' Guide and a VendorNet 2.0 Guide for Public Use. Please contact Zack Lehman, KIT IT Specialist, at (608) 261-8552 with questions.

WISBuy Reminder

With the holiday season upon us, remember to plan ahead and allow extra time for deliveries. Many suppliers have functionality that will allow you to check the product availability and estimated delivery date within their site.  We encourage you to also go to VendorNet for updates on holiday delivery schedules for suppliers. Please contact Ann Hommer, KIT IT Technical Services, at (608) 261-7014 with questions.