Land Information Plans

County Land Info Plans

According to s.59.72(5)(b)(3), Wis. Stats., and Adm. Rule 47.06(3), a county must spend Wisconsin Land Information Program funding (both fees retained and grants received) consistent with its county land information plan.


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​State Agency Land Info Plans

Eleven state agencies are required to annually submit land information (geographic information) reports to the Department of Administration. These reports—formerly called plans—are intended to enable such information to be readily translatable, retrievable, and geographically referenced for use by any federal, state, or local governmental unit or public utility. 

To best enable the broadest use of geospatial information across these entities, all state agencies and state university programs using geographic information systems/land information systems (GIS/LIS) are encouraged to submit a land information report. 

The information contained in this inventory has been obtained from various sources, and is of varying age and reliability. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, applicability for a particular use, completeness, or legality of the information contained in this inventory.


State Agency Data​