The Hearing

At the hearing, the administrative law judge (ALJ) will ask the person requesting the hearing to explain why they feel a hearing is necessary. They have the right to bring and present documents that support their position. These documents should be sent to our office and to the agency at least 48 hours before the hearing. The addresses are listed on the hearing notice. The agency will also have an opportunity to explain its position and to present documents.

The ALJ will conduct the hearing by phone.  Since these hearings are by phone, it is necessary for the person who requested the hearing to provide the ALJ the phone number where they can be reached for the hearing. It is imporant to eliminate distractions or obstacles that would interfere with the hearing. Possible interefernces with the hearing are: a bad phone connection, driving while on the phone for the hearing, and children and pets. If the ALJ cannot clearly hear and understand both parties the hearing will be cancelled or rescheduled. It is especially important that each party has the opportunity to present their case without interruptions from the other party. Since each side has the opportunity to present their case, there is no need for talking over the other party or not listening to instructions from the ALJ.

The ALJ may ask the hearing requestor or the agency to provide more information after the hearing. Each party will have a limited amount of time to comply with the ALJ's request for more information. If either party does not provide the requested information within the required amount of time, the ALJ will write the decision without taking the missing or late information into consideration.

All parties receive a copy of the ALJ's decision when it is completed. The decision will contain information on how to appeal further if either party disagrees with the ALJ's decision.