• Applicant
    An "applicant" is any person applying for a license or the owner or operator of a facility

  • Affected Municipality
    An affected municipality is any town, village, city, or county:
       (a) where any or all of the proposed waste site will be located, or
       (b) whose boundary is within 1500 feet of the facility designated in the feasibility report for the disposal of solid waste or the treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste.
    An applicant that is a municipality or is under contract with a municipality for development of the site, is not considered an affected municipality for purposes of negotiation.

  • Additional Municipality
    An additional municipality is any town, city, village, or county which does not qualify as an affected municipality but is included in the negotiation and arbitration process by written agreement of the applicant and the participating affected municipalities.

  • Local Approval
    The term "local approval" is defined in Wis. Stat. § 289.33(3) (d). It essentially means any requirement, restriction, condition or prohibition imposed by a municipality on a waste facility site by ordinance, resolution, or regulation

The law give special weight to "pre-existing local approvals." Pre-existing local approvals are those that have been in effect at least 15 months before the applicant submits to DNR an initial site report or a feasibility report, whichever happens first. A new or expanded waste facility is subject to pre-existing local approvals unless specified as inapplicable in a negotiated agreement or an arbitration award. A new or expanded waste facility is not subject to other local approvals unless specified as applicable in a negotiated agreement.