​Brian Hayes, Administrator-Hearing and Appeals

Brian Hayes serves as Administrator of the Division of Hearings and Appeals (DHA), which is an independent division attached to the Department of Administration for budgeting and support services.  This division's administrative law judges are all licensed attorneys and are selected from the Wisconsin’s civil service to avoid conflicts and to maintain their independence and neutrality. Administrative law judges hear and decide all matter of disputes between state agencies and Wisconsin citizens or corporations, as allowed under state and federal law.  Brian has worked for the Wisconsin Department of Administration since 1998, including ten years as an administrative law judge.  He was previously the Division Administrator of Executive Budget and Finance, managing the State’s budget, accounting, and capital finance functions, and has also served as Deputy Secretary.  Prior to working for DOA, Brian worked in the Wisconsin Legislature for seven years.

Brian holds a law degree UW-Madison and graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with degrees in business and liberal arts.  He is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer.