Applying for a new raffle license

​​​All raffles in Wisconsin require a raffle license in order to be legal. 

To obtain a raffle license in there are several requirements that must be met under Wisconsin law. 

Raffle licenses can only be granted to local religious, charitable, service, fraternal or veterans organization or any organization to which contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes or state income or franchise tax purposes, which have been in existence for at least one (1) year immediately preceding its application for a license or that is chartered by a state or national organization which has been in existence for at least three (3) years.  No other individual, business or national/out of state organization may conduct a raffle in this state.

The law defines a local organization as an organization whose activities are limited to this state, to a specific geographical area within this state or to a specific geographical area that is partly within this state and partly within another state.  An example of partly within this state and partly within another state would be Beloit, WI and South Beloit, IL or Superior, WI and Duluth, MN or other Wisconsin municipalities that bridge across state lines.  Please note that in order to qualify as a local organization, all activities of the organization including where fundraising dollars are spent must be limited to Wisconsin.

All profits from raffles must be expended in Wisconsin​ in a manner consistent with the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Charter or By-Laws of the organization. 

Below are the 6 organization types that are eligible to obtain a raffle license:

  • Religious:  An established religious institution or group thereof.  If not, additional background information is requested.

  • Veteran:   An established group of past participants in the United State Armed Forces.  If not, additional information is requested.

  • Fraternal:  An organization with a representative form of government that (1) operates under the lodge system with a ritualistic form of work; (2) is organized to promote the payment of life, sickness, accident or other insurance benefits to its members; or (3) is organized to carry on some worthy civic or service purpose.

  • Service:  An organization which has, as a minimum, the benefit, the growth and the general welfare of the community as one of its principle purposes.  This category includes a labor organization whose jurisdiction is limited to a specific geographical area within the state or political party, except a state committee registered under s. 11.05 and organized exclusively for political purposes under whose name candidates appear on a ballot at any election.  This also excludes a trade association or a social club.

  • Charitable:  An organization will be classed as such if the dominant purpose of its work is for the public good, and the work done for its members is but the means adopted for this purpose.   You will need to include registration certificate issued from the State of Wisconsin.

  • Tax Exempt ((501(c)(3) only):  Organizations recognized by the IRS as tax exempt and eligible to receive tax-deductible donations.   You will need to include your Internal Revenue Service determination letter stating that contributions to your organization are deductible for income tax purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Note that any organizations that are recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt but are not eligible to receive tax-deductible donations such as a social club organized under section 501(c)(7) do not qualify for a raffle license.  For more information on qualify under your tax exempt status, please click here.

There are two types of raffle licenses in Wisconsin:

A Class A raffle is the license type needed when tickets are sold in advance and the day of the raffle.  Tickets are pre-printed with all raffle information on them.  A winner need not be present to win.  Please click here for more information regarding conducting a Class A raffle.

A Class B raffle is the license type needed when tickets are only sold the day of the raffle.  Generic raffle tickets may be used.  A winner generally must be present to win.  Bucket Raffles and 50/50 Raffles are common examples of a Class B raffle.

An organization conducting both Class A and Class B raffles must obtain both license types.  You must submit a separate application, supporting documentation (Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Charter or By-Laws) and a fee for each license unless you apply for the new raffle license online.

How to apply:

You will need to include all required supporting documentation​​​ with the license.

Click here to apply online for a new raffle license.  You will be required to upload all supporting documentation.

You can also print out a paper application​ and submit it with all required supporting documentation. 


If you have any questions regarding Raffles, please call us at 608-270-2552 or toll free at 1-800-791-6973.  For fastest service, please send an e-mail by clicking here.

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