Charitable Gaming Original License Supporting Documentation

​​​Documentation to include with your Original Raffle License Application:

  • The organization's complete Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Charter and/or Bylaws.  Please ensure that the documents include the following:

    • Clearly defined purpose statement of what your group does and who you provide support to.

    • Dissolution Clause: what will happen to any remaining assets if the organization were to disband.

    • Geographic Scope of Operations.

    • Date the organization was formed.

  • If applying as a 501(c)​(3) organization, also include the 501(c)(3) Determination Letter stating that contributions are deductible for income tax purposes.   

  • If applying as a Charitable Organization, also include a copy of your charitable registration certificate issued from the Department of Financial Institutions

Special Documentation Requirements:

  • Schools: Provide a letter from the school district or principal authorizing raffle fundraising and allowing of minors to participate (This does NOT include PTA's, PTO's, or other groups associated with but not part of a school

  • Colleges: Provide a letter from a school administrator acknowledging sub group as part of the parent institution, this does not include fraternities

  • Churches: If you are unable to locate any organizing documents described above, please provide a current worship bulletin.

  • Snowmobile/ATV Clubs: Provide a letter from a county official showing proof of construction and maintenance of trails for public use in addition to the documents decribed above. Note: Most clubs do not qualify for a raffle license without providing support and maintenanc of trails for public use.

Please remember to include the $25.00 Application Fee if mailing in an application.